UnBeautifully is UnBelievably Amazing

Holy Hell I am at a complete loss of words over this book. I loved UnDeniable and I was so excited for UnBeautifully to come out. I feel like I have waited a lifetime for Danny and Ripper’s story and all I can tell you is that is what completely worth every minute I had to wait.

Danny and Ripper’s story is so heart wrenching I felt like I was gonna burst into tears or throw my iPad against a wall. The story picks up exactly where UnDeniable ended and then heads backwards a few years and brings us up to the present. I find typing this review is difficult because I do not want to give anything away but I am not sure how to do that and stress how much you need/have to read this book.

Danny is a young girl who grew up in the dark, dangerous and criminal MC world. She may have been somewhat sheltered from it but she is no dummy and once Eva entered her life she was able to see for herself what it was truly like. As a teenager she has felt like an outsider looking in as her friends got to have fun she was busy picking up the pieces of her family (Deuce and Eva). She finds what she wants and just as things look good and she has except that things will be a certain way life throws yet another curve ball at her and she does the unthinkable. This action causes a series of events that just rightly devastates her. No one can seem to get her out of this funk she has been sitting in forever, until all hell breaks loose and she finds a replacement.

While Danny is struggling through life Ripper has his own issues he is trying to deal with. He has so much hatred built up in him from what Frankie did that he doesn’t know how to make things normal again. He finally decides to escape and hit the road and go back to his old ways and forget the things he can’t have. Thankfully this does not work for him and he ends up having to head back home.

This is just a tiny itty bitty look at Danny and Ripper, there are other stories that take place. Deuce and Eva story is just a emotional. Then you have Kami and Cox who I have to admit those two crack me up. There is Jase and Dorothy and oh my goodness emotional is too light of a word, more like soul-shattering. Lastly you have Teagen and Cage, this one is gonna be fun to read!!!

Just like with the first book in this series it is gritty, dirty and not meant for the light at heart. With that said read it anyway, you might have your WTF moments but as you read you will see how great of a book this. 5 Stars is not even enough for this book I would give it a Thousand Stars if possible.

A side note to the Author Madeline Sheehan, thank you for writing such amazing books and for making us what for this one because whatever you weren’t happy with and needed to go over and change you made this book fan-freakin-tastic.



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