**REVIEW** Today Only by D. Love


Today Only by D. Love


In life, there are times you are granted a miracle. It may not be the one you wanted exactly, but it will be the one you need. It will prepare you for the next step in your journey and help you learn to accept the life you are given, even if that life can be heartbreaking.

Amy’s Review

Let me start with saying this is another book that deserves 10 stars.

This book is so sweet, amazing, and touching. Rye is an amazing girl and it sucks what she has to go threw but thankfully she has the best family EVER. Jett is an amazing man. He is the perfect gentleman and loves with all he has. He never gives up and makes life beautiful for everyone else.

“What I want from you is simple. I want today only.

If it’s laughter, I want it. If it’s pain, I want it.

Whatever today holds, as long as the day holds you, I want it.

I want today only.”

This quote is my new favorite. It is what started the crying for me.  I have never cried so hard during a book as I did with this one. After I was done and put my book down my Fiance asked me if it was that bad and I bawled. This book literally touched my heart and soul. I have never had a book touch me so deeply. I felt everything threw this book and could imagine every part. I love how D. Love brings in some names that we all know well. It makes the book that much better. This book has become my number one favorite. I don’t think anything can top the emotions I felt in this book. I loved the Jett Poetry. It added a nice and fun touch to the book.

“Live today…

Love today…

Smile today…

I will see you today…

-Jett’s Poetry”

He is the perfect man. This book will be one that I read again and again. Definitely one that will be added to my bookshelf when the option becomes available. I definitely recommend this book to everyone. It is emotional but a must read. I have realized a lot reading this book and I will be carrying some things with me from here on out. I will also be starting a new routine with my kids. I have D.Love to thank for reminding me how important life really is. You are truly never promised tomorrow. So I end this review with one question for you.

What is beautiful in your world today?

 About the Author

7065054Derinda lives in Maine. Her biggest passion is for her family and friends. She adores loving others as if it is the biggest gift life can offer. She is a read-a-holic, loves chocolate, cowboys and everyone on her Young Adult & Teen Readers Facebook page. Her dream is to travel to Australia one day.

I am nothing but simple. I do a lot of volunteer work. I have 2 beautiful daughters. 4 grandchildren, that constantly ask me if I lived in the black & white days. My inspiration would be my daughters. Rita for her strength to keep fighting and constantly try to take care of me. Even though sometimes she cant get out of the bed. Kayla, for helping pick up all the pieces that seem to fall, when times get rough. And the love they have for me.

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  1. Derinda Love

    Thank you so much for the incredible revise. You have made my day.

  2. I am so happy you loved it. Derinda is fabulous

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