10 Stars for Suicide Note by Teresa Mummert


Nicole’s Review~

I have to say that I have read this book at least three times already. I had reviewed it once before on Goodreads and then my children got a hold of my iPad and deleted a crap load of stuff. So I decided I’m gonna read all my books again and now that I am part of this blog give out new reviews.

Suicide Note is a touching second chance romance read. I found my heart breaking for all the things Jenn and Shane have gone through in their lives. I have to start by saying the military is so hugely important to my family, my father, brother and nephew are all Marines and my father in law and uncles were Army. I have luckily not had to live through any of them being deployed but from this story you truly get the feel of how the ones left behind and the ones that go off to war feel.

Jenn is a young woman who thought she had it all that she wanted in life. She had the job she wanted and the man she was going to be marrying in just a few short months. That all changed for her one night when she found out what or who he was doing when he was out late at night. Jenn family was super critical of her and she had a warped sense of self.

Shane is an Army man through and through he had always know that he wanted to be a solider. Like Jenn he thought he had it all. However for him one debasing day in Iraq led to a phone call that forever changed his life when his fiancée told him that she couldn’t handle him being away any more.

Shane and Jenn meet while Shane is on leave. Shane is visiting his cousin in Maine Jenn works with his cousin. Jenn is getting ready to celebrate her birthday but no one knows that all her plans are is to sit on her bridge and get lost in her book. Shane finds a note that appears to be a suicide note and he rushes out to find his cousin, he runs into Jenn at the office and she takes him to find his cousin. When they can’t find him the go their separate ways until he later he finds her spending her birthday all alone on the bridge. Their story really begins sitting in the edge of that bridge.

They start off just doing fun things together because Shane sees this sadness in her and he wants to make it go away. As they continue to spend time together the lines of friendship becomes blurred yet neither one of them know what to do. Shane is holding on to a secret that could devastate Jenn. He has lead her to believe that he is just going to back home to North Crolina when in truth he is leaving to return to Iraq.

They finally see that they have stringers feelings for one another and decide to take the next step but just before that happens Shane confesses that he will be in Iraq, to say Jenn is devasted is an understatement but she knows that Shane is who she has been waiting for her whole life. As the story continues your heart strings are pulled in so many different directions. You can’t help but feel for these two people who have found their other half. Shane is so scared that he will end up heartbroken again.

I can not stress to you how great this story is. I found myself laughing at the silly things these two did. I found myself saying aww at all the sweet things that Shane did for Jenn. Most of all I found myself crying imagining how hard the deployment had to be for these two. Teresa does an amazing job of drawing you into this story. I can say that I did not want this story to end. As I said in the beginning I have read this book multiple times and I will continue to read it again and again. Please do yourself a favor and pick this book up.


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