**DOUBLE REVIEW** Winter Fire by Lizzy Ford

Winter Fire

By Lizzy Ford


With a Dark witching seeking revenge against him, Beck, the eighteen-year-old Master of Light, must find a way to protect those he loves, the witchlings – and his heart. His duty is further complicated by Morgan, a beautiful Fire witching with a secret that threatens to destroy the progress he’s made protecting the Light.

Amy’s Review:

Definitely a 5 Star book.

I absolute loved everything about this book. It was perfect. Of course Beck and Decker are hot as can be. Summer and Biji are still as sweet as ever and Dawn is her usual bitch self. That will never change.

This book is about Beck and the struggles he goes threw. Not exactly like what Decker dealt with but close. Beck has to figure out what is happening to the light underneath the school. He is still learning his place as the Master of Light which is not easy because he didn’t have someone to show him the way. Poor guy still has Dawn stressing him out.

Morgan is a fire witchling caught in between lights. She is neither light nor dark. Her trial will decide which way she goes. It is unusual to have a fire witchling that is Light. Morgan tries her best not to get comfortable or become friends with anyone. She has a plan to leave as soon as she hits 18. The threat of calling her father makes her change her ways.

Beck and Morgan realize they have a connection and both decide to walk away. Morgan because she doesn’t trust people and because she plans on leaving and doesn’t want anyone hurt. Beck because he has other issues he has to deal, one of many being Dawn, and doesn’t want anything happening to Morgan. This does not last long and they finally both decide to stop fighting the pull.  After that is when things start to go crazy.

“I will tell Summer to bring you more treats.” 



Sam Sam Sam. I love Sam. He is great and is definitely my favorite character in this series. I love his personality with the witchlings. If Sam was real I would make him live in my backyard and I would bring him Chocolate everyday.

“Beck’s Pet Bigfoot”

Sam will have you laughing in every book. The witchlings say he is ugly but I say Adorable. He only talks to the Master of Dark and Master of Light with the exception of Summer and Morgan for other reasons. I would love to see a book threw Sam’s eyes. He is great.

This book was amazing. If you are a Decker fan you still get plenty of him in this book and details about how things are going with him and Summer.

“Eight months, one week, and three days. I have a count down.”

Decker making me laugh as always.

This is a book that must be read but make sure to read the two before so you know what is happening.  This one did end with a cliffhanger like no other. I felt so lost when I read the last word because I had so many questions but I would not change anything. Thank you Lizzy Ford for another great addition to this series.


Nicole’s Review:


Oh my goodness my heart is still pounding from the cliffhanger we are left with. Lizzy Ford you are absolutely an amazing author. I cannot stress how fantastic this book was, I mean I love all of her books but there is just something about this series that is just terrific. I love how we get a little more of Summer, Decker, Biji, Amber, Sam and unfortunately Dawn and Alexa. We are also introduced to Connor (Morgan’s brother) and Noah (Dawn’s brother).

Morgan is a Witchling who is caught in the in between of light and dark, being a fire element makes this even harder for her because she reacts emotionally which of course her fire feeds off. Beck of course is the Master of Light and is dealing with a psychotic pregnant ex that had a part in killing the last girl Beck was dating. Beck though cannot get the beautiful Morgan out of his mind. Morgan is rebelling against all things at school and Amber their instructor is trying to get Morgan to adapt so that she can stay and learn the way of the Light. Amber ask Beck to help out and see if he can find out what Morgan’s problem is.

As Beck tries to help Morgan their attraction continues to grow, but Beck has to protect the world from Darkness and of course keep Morgan safe from nut job Dawn. They try and stay apart but they can’t seem to fight it and Sam explains to Beck that just like Decker has Summer to balance him he will have someone to balance him. Of track but I have to say I love Sam, I wish I had someone like him to guide me through life. Sam also speaks to Morgan and lets her know that she has to help protect Beck. Morgan steps up to the plate and stands up to Dawn and her lackey Alexa, which of course does not turn our well at all.

Morgan has a secret that no one knows about all we know is that it has caused her to hate the holiday season. We do find out parts of her secret from her brother Connor, but we are left wondering what in the world this other half is. My heart breaks for Morgan because she really does seem to have an amazing heart. She steps in when she sees people not being nice to another student. After the first fight she had with Alexa she actually apologized because she does not like being mean to people. I do not want to go more into the story for fear of spoiling it for you.

Please know you will have a cliffhanger unlike any Lizzy has written before at least that is the way I feel. I always can’t wait for the next book by Lizzy but this one has me waiting beyond impatiently. I cannot wait to find out what is going to happen with Morgan and Beck or what Decker is going to do with Dawn and Alexa or how about what is going on with Noah and Biji (yes that is a little teaser). Just like the rest of this series it is YA and because of that I would recommend it to anyone who truly loves and good story.

About the Author

Lizzy Ford is the author of over seventeen novels written for young adult and adult paranormal romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling “Rhyn Trilogy,” “Witchling Series” and the “War of Gods” series. Considered a freak of nature by her peers for the ability to write and release a commercial quality novel in under a month, Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring.

Lizzy’s books can be found on every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband, three dogs and a cat.

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  1. Thank you so much, Amy and Nikki! Awesome reviews! I’m so happy you love Sam – he’s a great character! 🙂


  2. Excited to read this one. I bet it is gonna be just as great as the first 2 books.

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