**COVER REVEAL** The Darkside of Love by Danielle Joy Linhart



The Darkside of Love
By Danielle Joy Linhart
YA Contemporary
Expected release date October 13, 2013
Cover Design Created by Eden Crane Designs



On the surface, they were the perfect couple: popular, happy,
completely in love. Gina’s senior year was supposed to be carefree and
fun with the perfect boy at her side. Except Mark wasn’t perfect. At
first, his dark streak emerged rarely – when she forgot to call or
didn’t do what he asked her. He always apologized for hurting her, and
she convinced herself that was enough. As the year progressed, he
became more controlling, more violent, until Gina realized she had to
make a choice: live in the shadow of Mark’s abuse and pretend
everything was okay or save herself, even if it meant losing him.
Freedom or fear? It wasn’t supposed to be like this …


Early Review Quote:

“Life doesn’t always play out with rainbows and unicorns. Danielle
brings to life a story of a young girl like so many that get into
abusive relationships. We need to help teach them of their worth to
end the cycle. Bravo on a well told story of survival.”

Lisa Markson, The Paranormal Bookworm

About the Author:


Danielle Joy Linhart is a wife and Mom of two Awesome Children.
Currently living in Florida. She has always had a passion for writing
poetry as a child along with her first essay being a story on Mary Lou

As a child her inspiration to become a writer was while reading books
by Beverly Cleary. It pushed her to major in creative writing in
college. While in college her love of books by Danielle Steele helped
to push her towards her dream of writing a book.

Most days when not writing you will find the Martha Stewart of book
swag bedazzling her way through thinking up creative ways to display
the beautiful covers of many fellow authors. As a designer she is
known as Danielle’s Dazzling Designs.





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