***Review*** Making Chase by Lauren Dane

Matt is an expert and the Chase is on. Tate doesn’t stand a chance.

Tate Murphy is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She grew up a million miles away from the easy life Matt Chase has had. She’s spent her life pulling herself and her siblings up and out of that trailer by the railroad tracks and she hasn’t looked back.

Matt Chase is a dream of a guy and she’s certainly not going to turn down a short fling with one of the most handsome men she’s ever seen! Matt Chase has watched each one of his brothers find love and he knows he’s ready for that too. It’s all a matter of finding the woman who captures his heart. He’s certainly sampled his fair share of them but none has moved him the way Tate Murphy does when he goes to her shop to thank her for some cookies and a thank you note.

But as Matt gets to know Tate and appreciate her strength and unique beauty, he also realizes she’s got some big self esteem issues about her past. To build a future, he’s got to find a way past some big road blocks.

Nicole’s Review~~~

5 Stars - Pink

Out of all the Chase Brothers this book was by far my absolute favorite!!!! Matt is the last Chase bother to be married and all the woman in Petal are on the prowl to bag him. Tate is the heavyset woman that came from the wrong side of the tracks. Tate owns her own beauty shop at the edge of town and has worked extremely hard to make a better life for herself and her siblings. Every Monday morning Tate waits for her weekly fix of Matt Chase “her visual doughnut”.

A small accident allows Matt and Tate a brief meeting. Tate being a friendly and caring person bakes Matt some cookies and has them delivered. As we all know the way to a Chase brother is definitely through the stomach…lol. Anyway Tate thinks nothing of it because why would a gorgeous Chase want anything to do with a “dumpling” like her. Through all the books that brothers have pulled out all the stops with wooing their significant other, for Matt his work is harder than any of theirs.

Through Tate and Matt’s story your heart breaks for the way Tate had to grow up. An abusive father, a drunk for a mother, and raising her siblings when she herself was still just a child. Matt of course has no idea what this life is like growing up with Polly and Edward as parents. Tate tries her hardest to push Matt away while all he does is push back and make her see how much he truly loves and wants her.

There is so many deep meanings in this book, you have the different in classes, weight, bullies, lies and deception. What you walk away with is that looks are only skin deep and that love truly does concur all. Please take the time to read this book you will not be disappointed. You will laugh with the things that come out of the characters mouths, you will find yourself getting angry and waiting to rip a bitches hair out, you will fall in love and lastly the sex scenes will have you fanning yourself.

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