**Review of Saurimonde by Scarlett Amarist and Melissa St. Hilaire**


Like a bird in a gilded cage, Saurimonde is trapped between a brutally abusive husband, Gilles, who treats her like a possession, and a lover whose name she doesn’t even know. The only thing she longs for is an escape. But to where? She should have been more careful in what she wished for because the day Gilles spies her and her lover together is her last mortal one. With the aid of the local wise woman, Elazki, Gilles gets his hands on a dangerous ancient potion. He figures out the perfect way to serve it to her – cooked into her lover’s heart. One bite has dire consequences.

Left for dead by her husband at the river’s edge, Saurimonde awakens to a whole new existence. Now she has become a part of the river itself. Days are spent in erotic encounters with unwary passers-by. Nights are spent in predatory pleasure, feasting on those she has seduced.

As the body count begins to rise in the village, Gilles starts to suspect his wife is still alive. He enlists the help of Elazki, who has secrets of her own, and her darkly handsome nephew, Sordel. Newly returned after being banished by his magus master in the black lands, Sordel unknowingly holds the key to all their fates. One will die, one will wish they were dead, and the other will fulfill their destiny.

Danger awaits them at every turn as they enter a realm where nothing is as it seems. Each will be forced to make terrible sacrifices. Will they be able to break the spell and stop the beautiful demonic creature Saurimonde has become? Can they possibly save her? Or will they too find a brutal death beneath the deep dark waters…

Nicole’s Review ~~


Wow my head is still spinning and I still haven’t fully grasped the concept of this book. It is very much so erotic fairytale type of story that definitely drags you in and keeps you turning the pages. At the very beginning you are introduce to Saurimonde who is a beautiful young lady who is married to a brute of a man named Gilles. Gilles is your typical rich arrogant prick who expects everyone to fear and respect him, which is something Saurimonde has learned to do, along with the villagers and servants. Saurimonde like many young women is just wanting to be loved and cherished, while Gilles is content with increasing his lands and purse.

A chance meeting with a stranger has Saurimonde feeling cherished and wanted, little does she know that Gilles is watching this interlude happen. Gilles decides his wife will pay for her indiscretion, little does he know that when you make a bargain with the Devil it doesn’t always go your way. From this point you are lead on a crazy up and down rollercoaster and you will find yourself asking where are we going, what’s coming up next, who is good and who is evil.

Though this was a good read it moved all over the place and at times felt like they were shoving a bunch of fairytales down your throat. With that said though I would gladly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys fairytales, with suspense, and a good amount of erotic thrown in.


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