**PROMO** Jack Who?: Perfect Storms by Lisa Gillis



Is the cure to a breakup a hookup?

Marissa is a craps dealer, and in one quick second that she never wants to remember, her life turns to crap. Her best friend convinces her that the cure for a breakup is a hookup, and reluctantly, she heeds this advice.

However, Jack (what was his name again?) is not the average girl’s revenge sex.

Women throw themselves at Jack, toss their lingerie on the stage, and scream his name. Marissa has no idea of his public identity, and while she does not initially throw herself at him, she does go on to toss aside her lingerie and ultimately scream his name.

Five years later, a huge secret spills forcing them to bridge their two very different worlds.

Jack Who? is about a one night stand gone awry and a couple who work together years later for a fix.

*AVAILABLE NOW in the KINDLE store and lending library!


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His head leaned to hers as he stared into her eyes. She felt a crushing weight. Not the physical one she wanted of his body against her, but a mentally crushing letdown when she saw the resignation in his look.

“Don’t be mad…” The breath of his whisper brushed her face.

Mad? Was there a word for this ugly spectrum of emotions suddenly churning and charring her insides? She wanted to scream in frustration and cry in shame. He was famous. She was a regular person not even a hot groupie. Had she really thought someone like him would–

Extracting a paper, he laid it on the counter top. Pridefully, she blinked away the ache behind her eyelids to peer as he prompted her attention to the typed paragraphs. Her peripheral vision perceived the tiny box of foil packets in the same drawer.

“I have to do this…” His explanation came haltingly. “And there is no right time or way…believe me…”

Somehow, her senses and her mind calmed enough to read, and afterward she raised her eyes expecting hidden camera men, announcing some sort of comic reality show, to pop out of one of the many paneled doors. Most likely, her expression was comical enough for ratings, but Jack’s return look was earnest and even slightly pleading.

A minute later, she scrawled her name and date into a blank line declaring that she was a willing participant of this passionate encounter; and two minutes later, she lay tangled with him in a full-sized bunk, the brief intermission forgotten. Maybe she should have felt offended, but more eminent was the previous pact of his lips, tongue, and touch– not legal jargon on a paper.

In college, she and her girlfriends had often compared their hook ups to carnival rides, analyzing each on a scale with the carousel being slow but boring. Jack was a coaster, beginning fast but slowing many times before those wild and anticipated thrills of the track.

About Author

Lisa Gillis resides in Texas, with her husband who is the inspiration to her fictional men, her son who is the light of her world, and a brown lab, Bailey.

Writing is a recent passion and she strives in her books to blend a perfect mixture of fantasy and reality.

Her love for music, bands, and concerts inspired her Silver Strings Series.

When she is not writing those little voices out of her head while listening to music, she is making her own noise on drums or guitar.


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