*GUEST POST W/REVIEW* The Last Overseer by Anton Troia

***This is the Blogs first Guest Post. My Fiance (A Truly Great Review) has reviewed this great book and we would like to share it. You will probably see a few Guest Post from him until he gets his own blog set up. :)***

In 2033, a sudden change in the Earth’s axial tilt compromised the magnetosphere forever; and the result was devastating. With only a compromised magnetosphere for protection, people were no longer protected from the hyperactive sun. Temperatures soared, ice caps melted, and natural disasters were as common as rain. To make matters worse, solar flares bombarded every facet of the globe, and in just two years, over two-thirds of the planet’s population perished due to radiation-induced cancer. Those who managed to survive did so with horrible physical mutations and mental degradation.

Alarmed by the crisis on Earth, several owners of an extra-terrestrial mining company decided to step out from the shadows and disclose their existence to whatever remained of Earth’s disbanded governments. With their arrival came bold claims, announcing themselves as being the Overseers of planet Earth for a very long time. At first, no one appreciated such a surreptitious delegation, especially after the Overseers announced that they would only take Earth’s most prominent citizens with them on their ships, leaving many less fortunate survivors to rot on an irradiated Earth. However, the hard feelings subsided rather quickly after Earth’s new benefactors introduced advanced molecular medicine to the public–medicine that would cure radiation sickness for good and become the key to humanity’s preservation on Earth.

Ten years later, humanity’s population began to rebound and all seemed well. Until one day, several citizens began rejecting the Overseer’s mandatory medical care, including a keen observer by the name of Charlie Beasley, who along with his new girlfriend Elena, claimed that the Overseers’ mandatory inoculations did a lot more than just cure people of radiation sickness–and that a much more sinister agenda was at play.

Chris Review (A Truly Great Review):

This is a Sci-Fi book that is guaranteed to capture your attention. The relationship and struggles experienced by Charlie, Elena, Brennan and Graham made it impossible to put the book down. This book was so detailed, I could see and feel everything the characters experienced (as if I was standing right next to them). I enjoyed the book so much that once it was complete, I was left with a feeling of “what next”. I immediately wanted more.

I am an avid reader of Sci-Fi and Paranormal Books and far to often plots seem to bleed together. It was obvious within the first couple of chapters that this was going to be an original story line and this in itself excited me.

I am a very picky reader and I will quickly terminate a read if I do not immediately connect with a book. In this case I did immediately connect, however I almost began to question the direction of the story line. But, because I was invested in the read by this period of time, I decided to give the book a chance. I can honestly say that I am glad that I did,because the book captured my attention and held it through to the end.

The author incorporated factual scientific principles (which had to require a tremendous amount of research), an exciting fictional story line and several characters that experience their own trials and tribulations. I have found that many books that contain several characters struggle to flow smoothly. This was not the case with this book and I was able to connect and follow each character with ease.

This book truly exceeded my expectations and I believe it will be a satisfying read for any Sci-Fi fan. I will be following this author and will purchase and read all that he produces.

About the Author


Anton Troia was a former Emergency Medical Technician, and was born in New York City, where he still lives with his two audacious dogs. He began writing full-time in 2012, so stay tuned for more novels from this steadfast author.

Anton likes to write stories that warn about the dangers of technological progress. He’ll often take some swipes at future societies plagued by technological induced traumas. Besides ecological traumas, Anton’s themes focus on political, psychological, physical and social repercussions as well.

If you’re a fan of cryptids, aliens, and things that go bump in the night, then give Anton’s books a whirl. Anton Troia instills the supernatural indirectly, with covert, but artful insinuations. When reading his stories– expect a good blend of Science Fiction, paranormal horror, dysfunctional romance, and pulpy goodness. Most importantly, Anton will always delve into the ongoing tug of war between science and ethics, and he has a knack for seamlessly weaving historical fact and mythology.

Feel free to use the “inbox” tab to get in touch with Anton if you have any questions. Also, visit his website for more details on his latest book and for his blogs.

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