***Furlough Sale***


To support those readers affected by the Gov’t Shutdown, a few authors got together and decided to lower or ebook prices for the weekend. We can’t make the government function, but we can entertain those who could use a tiny bit of happiness about now.

Below is a master list of the authors and books participating. Grab a few books then drop by their FB page/blog and say hello! Drop by Lizzy Ford Books over the weekend for more links and giveaways! Note: Unless otherwise specified, links are for ebooks at Amazon.

FREE (10/4 Only)

Paranormal Romance – Vampnesia by Kate Shay

Kate’s Blog

Free at Smashwords (All Weekend!)

18 Lizzy Ford Self-Published novels at Smashwords

FREE at Amazon (All weekend!)

Teen Paranormal – “Dead Radiance” by TG Ayer
TG Ayer on FB

Teen Paranormal – “Coexist” by Julia Crane
Julia Crane on FB

Teen Urban Fantasy – “Reveal” by Brina Courtney
Brina Courtney on FB

Teen Fantasy – “Chosen” by Jolea Harrison
Jolea Harrison on FB

Teen Fantasy – “Ever Shade” by Alexia Purdy
Alexia Purdy

Time Travel Romance – “Golden Blood” by Melissa Pearl
Melissa Pearl on FB

Time Travel Romance – “Daughter of Time” by Sarah Woodbury
Sarah Woodbury’s blog

High Fantasy – “Crystan Origin” by Mike Cooley
Mike Cooley’s blog

High Fantasy – “The Sable City” by M. Edward McNally
M. Edward McNally’s blog

Dark Fantasy – “The Wizard Takes a Holiday” by Red Tash
Red Tash’s blog

Paranormal Romance – “Forever Fae” by LP Dover
LP Dover’s FB

Paranormal Romance – “Damian’s Oracle” by Lizzy Ford

Paranormal Romance – “Katie’s Hellion” by Lizzy Ford

Paranormal Romance – “Gabriel’s Hope” by Lizzy Ford

Dystopian Romance – “Rebel Heart” by Lizzy Ford

.99 (10/4 – 10/5)

New Adult – “No One’s Angel” by Kelly Walker
Kelly Walker’s blog

.99 All Weekend!

Thriller – “Dark Beach” by Lauren Ash

Lauren Ash’s blog

Thriller – “Under the Looking Glass” by Alisa Tangredi
Alisa Tangredi on FB

Mystery – “Dead is the New Black” by Christine DeMaio-Rice

Chick Lit – “Alert the Media” by Mia Fox
Mia Fox on FB

New Adult Romance – “Say When” by Tara West
Tara West on FB

New Adult Romance – “Now or Never” by AJ Bennett
AJ Bennett on FB

New Adult Romance – “Love’s Second Chance” by LP Dover
LP Dover on FB

New Adult Romantic Suspense – Love, Lies and Deception by LP Dover

New Adult Drama – “Broken Beauty” by Lizzy Ford

Paranormal Romance – “Katie’s Hope,” “Rhyn’s Redemption” by Lizzy Ford

Paranormal Romance – “War of Gods Box Set” by Lizzy Ford

Paranormal Romances – “Xander’s Chance,” “A Demon’s Desire” by Lizzy Ford

Contemporary Romance – “Maddy’s Oasis” by Lizzy Ford

Sci-Fi Romance – “Star Kissed” by Lizzy Ford

Teen Paranormal – “Dark Summer” by Lizzy Ford

Teen Fantasy – “Elle’s Journey” by Lizzy Ford



About Butterflyreader

There isn't a whole lot to say about me. I am a happily married with 3 wonderful kids. We live a very quiet life I Baltimore, MD. Our youngest daughter is disabled being deaf and suffering from brain damage since birth. She is the light of our lives so bubbly and caring she makes our lives complete. Our other 2 kids live with their other parents, unfortunately this summer my son moved to Florida with his dad but he is happy and that is all that matters. I enjoys reading A LOT, going to flea markets, decorating, painting the house and art and crafts.

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