*DOUBLE REVIEW* Hear No by Lizzy Ford


Save the world or save her?

Nathan’s job for the past three thousand years has been to clean up supernatural messes. Jaded, ruthlessly effective and selfless, he’s seen it all and can handle anything – demons, homicidal angels, even bad bosses.

His latest challenge: A creature named Shadowman is seeking out three keys it believes will open a portal between earth and hell. Nathan must eliminate the human host guiding Shadowman to the keys. Except Nathan isn’t expecting the woman anchoring Shadowman to the human world to be beautiful, innocent and completely unaware of the creature manipulating her. Worse, she makes him feel alive for the first time in his long existence.

Kaylee convinces herself stress and a tired mind are to blame for the ominous presence following her everywhere. On a routine visit to a client’s workplace, she stumbles across a deaf girl with a supernatural gift who warns Kaylee about Shadowman – and then stabs her.

No longer able to pretend stress is the problem, Kaylee turns to the mysterious man who promised he can help, only to discover his plans for her may not involve her surviving the ordeal. She has nowhere else to go and no one else to trust. Does she take a chance on Nathan or risk facing Shadowman alone?

Hear No Full cover

Amy’s Review:

5 Stars - Pink

Another book that deserves more then 5 stars. I loved this book. Another to add to the favorites list. I have never read a book about Angels and demons before so I was very interested to see how Lizzy Ford would play this one. I have to say it was amazing and I have the urge to read it again and again.

Nathan was amazing. Can we say another hot alpha man to add to Lizzy Ford’s growing list of amazing men. I loved his attitude. Loved the way he thought and how he had a no nonsense way. Everything about Nathan to me ROCKED.. Nathan did his job like no other Guardians. He did what was needed to be done to get things where it needed to be. He didn’t care about rules and in the end every reincarnated Angel trusted him and went to him when they needed help. Loved naked reiki. 😉

Kaylee was a sweet girl that got thrown in the middle of everything and not by choice. She had no clue as to what was really going on in life until Nathan came around. She hated her boss and really hated her job. Her life went to hell when everything started coming out about the shadow that followed her everywhere. Slowly learning all that was really going on in her life was scary for her but she never gave up.

Amira is a deaf girl that is responsible of protecting one of the most important things in the world. She is a sweet reincarnated Angel who has a little extra powers then the other reincarnated Angels. You can’t help but to fall in love with her.

Troy… Another one like Nathan. You get a glimpse of Troy in this story and even thought its not a whole lot you can’t help but to fall in love with him and crave more.

Now on to my favorite. Yes I know this is crazy. Shadowman. Oh how I love Shadowman. He is the shadow that follows Kaylee around. And even though I should really dislike him. Hate him even. I can’t help but to love him. Call me crazy.

This is a must read. If you love Lizzy Ford books then you already know this. If you have never picked up a Lizzy Ford book then I suggest you head on over and snatch this one up. Amazing. I don’t think I can say that enough about this book.

Nicole’s Review:


As you all know we are huge Lizzy Ford fans and this book like all her others did not disappoint. You may ask why only 4.5 stars this go round, well simple it took me a few chapters before it all clicked. Now of course I have been in a reading funk so that could have played a part, but let me tell you once it clicks you will be sucked in.

We start out with Amira and young lady who happens to be deaf and has a huge secret that she has to keep safe. Her Guardian is doing everything and anything to protect her. Unfortunately a tragic event happens and Amira is forced to run and hide. Your heart will completely go out to Amira and her struggles. She is so smart, genuine and a heart big as the world. There are moments you just want to crawl into this book and give her a hug and tell all will be well.

We then met Nathan a Guardian who has a less than stellar record. Nate has some odd ball ways to get the job done and in his mind as long as he is doing his job that’s all that matters. Nate will have you cracking up laughing with the way he handles situations. His first scene had me dying I could not believe what he was doing. Loved his character from beginning to end.

Next up is Kaylee, wow wee this poor girl is having all kinds of issues. She has a completely and utter moron/jerk for a boss. She ends up being stabbed while with her boss at a mental institute (you have to read to know what is really happening), she has Shadowman following her every step and oh yeah she has no clue to the supernatural world that is getting ready to suck her in. Even though things seem to be falling apart for her Kaylee holds her head up high and keeps moving. I totally admire this character.

Lastly there is Troy *sigh*, if you can’t tell this is my favorite character lol. Troy has suffered a great loss and you will feel his pain and want to do exactly what Amira is trying to do, which is heal him. We don’t get a lot of Troy but what you do get will have you waiting to hear more of his story.

I really did enjoy this book and can not wait for the second one to come. There is so much that can go on with this storyline that it is so exciting. On one more personal note my daughter Katelyn is deaf and was born with brain damage as a reader I notice a lot of authors never really touch on disabilities which in of itself is sad. However Lizzy did a fantastic job with writing a deaf character and the struggles they go through. Lizzy received a message from me when I was thanking her and telling her what a wonderful job she did.

About the Author

lizzyLizzy Ford is the author of over twenty books written for young adult and adult paranormal romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling “Rhyn Trilogy,” “Witchling Series” and the “War of Gods” series. Considered a freak of nature by her peers for the ability to write and release a commercial quality novel in under a month, Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring.

Lizzy’s books can be found on every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband, three dogs and a cat.

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