***Review*** Twisted (Torn Series #2) by K.A. Robinson

image Love has the power to break through even the most twisted of circumstances.

In the second book in the bestselling Torn series by K.A. Robinson, Chloe and Drake have soldiered through a heartbreaking love triangle and are finally within reach of their happily ever after. Unfortunately, their demons have come out of the dark with a vengeance, looking to destroy them. Chloe’s abusive mother enters back into her life with an evil plot that sets off a chain of events no one could ever have anticipated. To add to their distress, a relentless, conniving ex reappears determined to tear the couple apart through any means necessary. The extra strain pushes Chloe and Drake to the brink, bringing out their greatest weaknesses and putting them up against old but powerful addictions.

The foundation on which their love was built is crumbling beneath them. What are they willing to give up in order to stay together?

Nicole’s Review ~

4 STARS I have to admit I was super excited to read this book, but I felt a tad let down. It is still a great read and lots of drama but I just felt like it was missing a little something. The whole time I read the story I couldn’t figure it out until I reached the last handful of chapters. Plan and simple it came down to the book focusing too much on Chloe’s point of view.

Poor Chloe I swear this young woman cannot catch a break, every time it looks like things are going to settle down something or someone comes a long and rips her happiness away. Drake *sigh*, not a fan of the whole rock star hero but there is something about him that just has me melting. Chloe and Drake are suppose to travel with his band while they tour, unfortunately a family emergency puts the brakes on their trip. Drake has to leave Chloe and he is not very comfortable leaving her because Chloe’s mother is there and a man from her past, Jordan. Chloe convinces Drake that he has obligations and must go.

At first it seems like everything will be ok but as we all know nothing goes as planned. Chloe and her families life are flipped upside down by loss. Drake is there for her as much as he can through phone calls and text messages. Again though someone from Drake’s past is haunting both Chloe and his life. This is where things take a really ugly turn for both Chloe and Drake and you are wondering who is going to crack first. You start wondering are these two soul mates going to get there happily ever after?

The beginning of the book I have to say I was kind of bored and felt like it was a little to predictable. By the time I hit the half way point though I was beyond dragged in and couldn’t put it down until I found out what happened for this couple. If you are looking for a book that has plenty of drama and lots of love this is the book for you.

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