***Review*** Battlescars by Ann Collins

18739576 Battle-hardened and bearing scars from the combat he’s seen, Dyson has been discharged from the Marines under less-than-ideal circumstances. He’s moved back home and is focused on training for an MMA fight he hopes will kick start his career. He’s disciplined, focused, and has no time or energy for a meaningful relationship.

When Dyson meets twenty-year-old Kayla in his neighborhood bar, he thinks she would be a gorgeous addition to the string of women with whom he has enjoyed one-night stands. The tall, dark and sexy blue-eyed Dyson is determined to have her. Immune to his charms, Kayla wants nothing to do with him. She’s far too busy trying to recover from the pain of her childhood to let a cocky man like Dyson trample on her heart. She knows she’s damaged and is working hard to build a life for herself, free of her terrible memories.

But fate seems to have other plans…

Will Dyson and Kayla be able to heal the hurts in their past and move forward in spite of their scars? Will they recognize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and be brave enough to take a chance on love?

Nicole’s Review ~


I have to say this book was a complete and utter let down to the point that I didn’t even write a review when I finished because I am not a fan of being mean or rude in my reviews. With that said this cover **holy hotness* and the synopsis completely sucked me in. I am a sucker for any military man or MMA fighter in general so having both I was ready to go with this book.

The start was ok and it had me thinking this is going to be awesome a Marine who was discharged and is now a fighter. Then you have this sweet young girl who has mouth on her even hotter. Unfortunately it just kind of went blah for me. Dyson and Kayla meet at a local dive bar where two jerk offs are bothering her. Dyson steps up and gets rid of the jerks. Kayla though gives him the cold shoulder and he is left intrigued off course.

Dyson and Kayla keep running into each other constantly and the chemistry between them is hot. We learn that Kayla has had one heck of a life that had her floating between foster care and having a huge douchebag for a father. Even though I am not going to really recommend this book I still refuse to give out any spoilers, sorry. Dyson on the other hand is suffering in part from PTSD, I really thought this was the way the story was headed. Man oh man was I wrong we stayed focused on Kayla and her daddy issues. For this reason mainly I was super let down it was like damn here are two people with some huge issues to overcome and it was all about the girl.

I really do not like bashing books or saying mean things because really when it comes to reading to each their own. Just because I didn’t like this read does not mean someone else won’t. With that said though when I saw all the 4 and 5 star ratings I feel the need to make sure people know that if you are looking for some great tragic story where both people are fixed this is so not what you are going to get.

There was never a point in this book where I felt like wow this is fantastic. Also the ending felt rushed and that chemistry that Kayla and Dyson had for each other seemed to sizzle instead of spark. Again this is just my personal opinion but for me this was really not the best of reads.



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