Lizzy Ford Book Club Reviews: Broken World (Broken Beauty #2) by Lizzy Ford as Chloe Adams

Broken World
A confrontation is brewing …

Mia realizes the aftermath of her rape is not over when she is rocked by another challenge, one that will put her publicly at odds with her father, a U.S. Senator who has made her the poster child for his re-election. But the public face he wants her to wear can’t be further from who she is inside.

The latest rape victim is expected to die soon, and only Mia can identify the attackers. With pressure from the police to come forward, Mia is distraught when her father forbids her from speaking out.

She is surprised to discover new allies in her siblings, who break ranks with her father to support her. But even they have their own agenda.


Before Mia turns eighteen, she’ll face the ultimate choice: betraying her family or her conscience.

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Club Reviews:

Jessica Bolduc:

This was a good second book. It is nice to see how Mia is changing, growing and becoming stronger. There were a few times in the book where I teared up thinking about what she is going through. This is a very emotional story and I applaud the author for writing about the subject. I like that she is finally getting close to her brother, sister, and uncle. She has more of a support system than she thought. I can’t wait to see what happens between Mia and Dom.

Cherrie Cruz Directo:

Broken World picks up where Broken Beauty ended. The conflict was knowing she was pregnant after being raped. The previous conflicts were still there…who to trust…the fear of going public…being abandoned by parents…keeping the family’s political image…now, whether to keep the baby or not. Lizzy handled the sensitive topic well. She showed how conflicted Mia’s life was and she puts characters in the person of Ari, Dom, Chris, Gianna and even the doctor to enlighten her and show her the consequences of her decisions. Mia then realizes that there are people who are truly concerned and truly cares for her. It was nice to see Mia finally seeing the light and the story becomes more interesting now that she made the first move to fight back! Can’t wait for the new Mia to come! The strong willed young girl who will put Robert Connor to jail!! 🙂

Patrick Gordon: 

This book continues to follow the life of Mia as she continues to come come to terms with being raped. We learn that most of the people in her family would rather she keeps her mouth shut about who raped her. We also learn that she is pregnant. As she struggles to decide to if she should turn in the 2 rapists now she must decide if she should keep the baby as well.

I continue to feel for Mia I cant believe the amount of courage she continues to show. I liked the fact that she has found people that she can turn to when she needs assistance. I also liked the fact that she is able to make choices for herself despite what her father may say or think.

I will be waiting to see what happens next

Shauna Sue:

5 STARS!!!!!

This book showed the struggles of a young girl who wanted to do what was right, when she wasn’t sure who was supporting her in her decision to do so. By making the right decision it could cost her everything she has ever known, but she could gain friendships and trust of people that she never would have known either.

Ginelle Blanch:

5 STARS!!!!!

I really loved this novella. The pain of the recovery process is very potent. But, Mia seems strong. Although she doesn’t have many people to stand beside/behind her, the ones she does have are wonderfully supportive. I have a feeling about Chris, Mia’s uncle. Love Ari, Dom, and Gianna. Mia has a long road ahead of her. Can’t wait to see where Ms. Ford takes her!

Michelle Dodd:

5 STARS!!!!!

I hoped for Mia to have some peace in this book, but her story is so real and raw. Broken World was so touching and emotional because you go from Mia’s trauma to her trying to cope. I love the way the story displays how there is no “just bouncing back” from being sexually assaulted. Mia showed us how those demons come for you every day and how sometimes they best you. I was so in the moment with Broken World and hurt with Mia because she was surrounded by people but so alone and I understood her feelings. I found myself wishing I could give her some of my courage and strength or even just to be there for her. Thank you Lizzy for putting a great character’s voice on a strong subject and making it so that other peoples story may be heard through Mia’s.

Linda Terrutty:

4 STARS!!!!

We pick up where Broken Beauty ends….Mia is pregnant and her father announces to the media that she intends to keep the baby, without any consideration for what Mia wants. Although her body has finally mended, she’s still broken. The only time she wants to leave the house is when she needs to attend her community service or school. The police still want her to come forward. The mother who loves her and keeps promising to return home, never does. She is confused, but one thing she does know is doesn’t want a daily reminder of what was done to her.

In this book, Mia will learn that being a part of her family isn’t as black and white as she has always thought. She’ll also learn the identity of her second assailant, Madison, and that there is another rape victim after her. And she’ll finally make some tough decisions that involve her taking some control over her life. Things aren’t getting any easier, and they may never, but she has a few more people in her corner than she originally thought.

Of course, my one pet peeve is that the book ended when it did. I for one am so ready to see Mia fight back and everything that will involve.

Jessica Landram:

5 STARS!!!!

In book 1 (Broken Beauty) we met Mia, experienced the trauma of her assault, rape and positive pregnancy test. In Broken World, more family members come out of the cracks in Mia’s life. Regardless of how helpful and nice they appear, everyone has hidden motives and secrets. It’s time for Mia to start making important decisions that will affect the rest of her life. Will she publicly announce who attacked and raped her? Will she raise this baby, give it up for adoption or terminate the pregnancy? There are so many things this book answered.

This book picks up where the first one left off. Lizzy Ford does a great job opening up discussions, ramifications and the emotional journey many women (and men!) of all ages go through. Although there may not be any visible scars, the damage is just as lasting. Mia’s story is well written, heartfelt and compassionate. Lizzy doesn’t shy away from controversial twists and turns, making this a brutally honest book.

Marilyn Ortega:

5 STARS!!!!!

OMG, this book is so good!!!! Following the hardships and decision’s that Mia has to make, I’m still hating her father for using her to gain political goal’s, her brother that does the same thing as well, what I like the most was how her sister reached out to her, it was needed.
There is another rape and Mia finds herself conflicted with feeling’s of regret for not coming forward with whom was responsible for her rape, and can also be responsible for the eight victim.
This book flows right from where book one ended, it is great, I recommend book one ( Broken Beauty in the series ) and follow Mia’s story to see how it all unfolds.
Will she betray her father,? Or will she keep her secret. Will she get her abortion? Will there be another victim?
Get this awesome Novella by Lizzy Ford an incredible author, and a conflicting read, and follow with us on Mia’s journey.

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