Lizzy Ford Book Club Reviews: Zoey Rogue by Lizzy Ford

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 Lizzy Ford Book Club Review:

image ** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations, language and mature subject matter **

He only needs three nights to make her his …

With more heart than sense, fearless, beautiful Zoey has saved countless college-aged women from horrifying deaths at the hands of supernatural sadists. She may be a mere half-succubus in a society that views half-breeds with derision, but she still retains the highest rescue rate of any Hunter in the Sucubatti society.

As the calm, disciplined leader of the Incubatti Enforcers, Declan is the polar opposite of Zoey – and the sworn enemy of her society. Forced to rescue her one night, Declan realizes two things: he doesn’t need someone as wild and independent as Zoey in his life – and he can’t live without her.

In this world, there’s only one incubus for every sucubatti and Zoey and Declan are stuck with each other. They’re just as likely to kill each other as they are to yield to each other’s sex magic.

She has authority issues and drinks too much. He is the irresistibly sexy incubus pre-ordained to tame her. Neither can fight their intense attraction, and yet trusting each other is out of the question.

What happens when their worlds crash down around them?

Strike three. You’re mine.

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Book Club Reviews:

Marilyn Ortega:

5 STARS!!!!!

Zoey Rouge was an absolute brilliant write. The War of the Gods and Ryn have competition in Declan, and his family, Declan being a hot sexy raw dog brings 50 shades to shame, Buffy has nothing on Zoey the sexy bad ass, head strong spirited fighter. This book is not for YA readers under 17,, Deff for adults,,,loved it, the characters were all put together with great balance, again reading it made me feel as if I was in the story, I love most of all that Zoey needed no real rescuing. I loved that Zoey held her own, of course with her handsome side kick. Overall the book was fantastic, hoping to read more of these wonderful characters in the future. Way to go Lizzy!!!!

Chelsea Ingham :

5 STARS!!!!!

I was hooked to this book from the start. Zoey has such an attitude and I loved every part of her character as well as Team R. Declan and his crew I also love. It is a perfect match for everyone and they all get along with a ton of sarcasm and swearing.
This book had me laughing and feeling for Zoey the whole way. As soon as I started I couldn’t put the book down. Lizzy does it again. I am glad I found Lizzy on Twitter without that I would never have known to read her books. I have not been let down once and this one I believe has become one of my favorites from her.
When I hit the last page without realizing it I immediately went to look for when the next book came out. Read this book. It has action, sex, sarcasm, and crazy meltdowns. Lots going on and figuring out what it truth and what isn’t. I cannot wait to see what is next in store for this little Zoey.

Ginelle Blanch:

5 STARS!!!!!

First book in a new series for Ms. Ford that’s for ADULTS!!! LOOOOOVED it! Loved the action and the characters. Declan is melt in your mouth gorgeous as are all his brothers AND his father! Zoey is amazing and has such attitude and sass! Love Professor. Ms. Ford has a WONDERFUL talent for story telling and creating worlds that are ABSOLUTELY believable and just suck you right in. This book was sexy and fun! The ending DEFINITELY leaves you frothing at the mouth for book two. Fantastic job, Ms. Ford!!!!

Cherrie Cruz Directo:

I love this book so much! It was action packed yet it was light and funny! Zoey is an amazing heroine. She doesn’t have rules. She acts based on her gut feelings. A real excellent match for the powerful incoming head Enforcer Declan…very tough yet very passionate. I just hope their bond would be strong enough to withstand any obstacle along the way. Can’t wait for Zoey Avenger! 🙂

Holly Cooper:

5 STARS!!!!!

Omg Lizzy never disappoints this book is so good I could not put it down I was up all night reading it I hope she finishes the second one soon. Zoey is a strong and independent girl and try’s her best to live a normal life but things start to fall apart when her boyfriend ask to marry her she freaks out and walks out the door and when she comes back she finds he knows she has been out in the clubs instead of the library but he doesn’t know who she really is or why she is there. If you want to know more then pick this book up it is amazing.


5 STARS!!!!!

Zoey is a stubborn and spunky Hafling trying to lead a normal human life during the day and the life of a hunter at night. This does not work out for her. Zoey loves going out with Vikki and killing Cambions who prey on girls in their early 20’s and collects their sex energy. They are both the best Hunters at the Sucubatti. But everything starts turning upside down for Zoey and she has no clue what to do.

“I don’t want my job to come between us.”

“Your job didn’t come between us. Several hundred men did.”

Declan is a stubborn hot as hell Incubus. One of the strongest. He has avoided Zoey (His Soul-Mate) and the rite to become joined for years but a time comes that he can no longer stay away. Declan decides to start the rite only Zoey doesn’t know it till “Strike one” is over with. Each strike makes them crave each other more. Declan is the only one that can calm Zoey’s sex energy and the sex these two have is so hot it’s crazy.

“Strike three. You’re mine,”

Declan’s brothers were awesome. They had me laughing threw out the book. I couldn’t get enough of Wes.

“If you don’t f**k him, I will. Between the two of you, my day has been hell.”

This book was amazing. Everything was perfectly paced with no slow spots and no spots to fast. The sex scenes were hot. The details perfect and everything was described so you could imagine everything. I loved the professor the most I think. He was a hoot. This is Lizzy’s first book like this and I think she ROCKED it. Definitely recommend this book to everyone.

“Kitten is fitting. Adorable but clawed.”


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