Review: Claimed by S.E. Reign

For fans of “50 Shades,” the “Crossfire” series and the “Song of Submission” series …

I’ve just been named the heir to the throne – if I can prove to my conservative father that I’ve given up my playboy lifestyle and settle down with a respectable woman.

But why earn the love of a woman when I can buy it? Better yet – why not just blackmail the pretty girl who breaks into my penthouse? We both need something. I need a fiancée – preferably one I can control down to what socks she wears – for three months to satisfy my father’s edict.

She needs to save her family from being evicted from the building I plan to knock down to make way for my new upscale mall. Three months as my loving, devoted fiancée in public – and my personal whore in private – is a small price for her to pay to save her family.

What I’m not counting on: how possessive I quickly become of the blue-eyed vixen – and how quickly the press and world not only find out about her but rally behind a real life Cinderella.


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Amy’s Review:

4 STARS!!!!

“If a man doesn’t f**k you like he owns you, find a new one.”

Hot damn. That’s all I could say for this man.

I was lucky enough to win an ARC of this book before it’s release. Knowing myself, I would of bought it regardless because I’m a big fan of Erotica. This is the first book in a new series by a new author. A bunch of “new” there. The author rocked her first book. It was hot, it was steamy, and it was awesome. My only complaint, I wish there was more depth to it. I felt like there could of been more displayed in this first book.

“You’re my respectable, reserved, legitimate fiance in public and my do-anything whore in private.”

Say What???

EJ is suppose to be this bad ass prince that gets his way all the time. I have to admit I laughed at him quit a bit. When I opened to the first chapter and saw his full name, my first thought was “Holy hell I can’t even pronounce half of that.” I do love his character though. He had that “I’m sexy and I know it” vibe.

“You come after I do.”

Exsqueeze me…. Huh!

Natalie is a sweet girl that I loved. Trying to help her family she gets trapped by EJ. And she enjoys almost every minute of it.

“She has a thing for guns,” I explain. “Not sure a stranger fares a chance in her place.”

As you can see I have a thing for quotes that I just love.. This couple is one that is going to have a rough road ahead of them. Oh how interesting that road will be. If you love erotica, this is definitely a must get book. But be prepared to want more. It is a Novella in a long series. Torture. I swear authors love to torture me.

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