Review: Firewalls by Eileen Schuh

6951ab333adb3d9c573aa856f4153464d47366b3While working with the Alberta Police force, young Constable Katrina Randal has become a master at breaking through computer security in her pursuit of cybercrime but when the criminals behind the firewalls turn out to be villains from her past, her job takes on a much more dangerous tone. Obsessed with haunting memories and wracked by emotions she sometimes can’t name, her nightmarish ordeal turns uglier as she ignores orders and takes to the street to lure the criminals from the shadows of cyberspace to face justice. Imprisoned by dark thoughts and dangerous behaviours, it’s not until her career is in shambles that she realizes that neither her war against crime nor her struggle with Post Traumatic Stress are battles she can win alone. However, the walls she’s built to protect her heart from pain and betrayal, don’t tumble easily. As she slides deeper into the darkness, she fears she’s waited too long to trust and love; her criminal associates from the past are on the verge of stealing her future and Corporal Chad Leslie, who she’s loved since the beginning of time, is mere steps away from walking out of her life forever.

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Amy’s Review:


Firewalls was a very interesting story. Although it is stated this can be a standalone I feel like to know the whole story the books prior need to be read. At the beginning it talks about a secret and whether to lie or not and now that I have finished, I’m not even sure I know what the secret was. It was hard to tell between the lies and the truth coming from Katrina. I loved how Katrina grew in the book and I hated how everyone was acting towards her at the beginning. All she wanted was a chance to be herself now, not who she was when she was thirteen.

I had mixed feelings about some of the other characters. Shrug drove me nuts with how he acted towards Katrina. He had a great deal to do with her younger years. But I have to admit I loved how he talked sometimes. The thing with Debra kinda pissed me off. All the more reason why office relationships shouldn’t happen. That was a love triangle pain in the butt.

Kevin, I actually kinda liked. The thing that bothered me though was at a certain point in the book he just seemed to drop out. There was a mention here or there but he just disappeared, never to be seen again. I think it would have been interesting to still have him in the story towards the end.

Chad is a sweetheart but a pain in the ass. I loved him one minute and hated him the next. Then you add Kindle in who really drove me nuts. I also had only one complaint for him. You hit the middle of the book and Kindle just changes his mind about Katrina out of no where. One minute he thinks this and the next bam its changed. I wish there was more explaining on why his feelings changed.

Firewalls was a great story. It did jump around a bit and with that I felt I missed somethings on the months that were skipped over. It was a very interesting book that kept me glued to it when I had it in my hands. I think at the beginning it’s a little slow start, again because of the secret, but after you get past that it picks up. I think I will be picking up the previous books to see if I can figure out what I missed and maybe everything will fall into place. I might have an “ah ha” moment. The ending to the book was interesting and left me wanting more. This is definitely an exciting action packed book.

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  1. Thank you for reading FIREWALLS and taking the time to review it. I’m glad you liked it. I’ve tried to write each novel in the BackTracker series as a complete story–but one that will entice readers, because of their love for the characters, to pick up the others. I trust you’ll enjoy THE TRAZ and FATAL ERROR just as much. There are many more novels in this series planned so who knows? Perhaps Kevin will reappear down the road and Shrug, Chad and Sgt. Kindle will become less mysterious.

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