Review: Conklin’s Blueprints by Brooke Page

21410214 Recent graduate Becca Stine’s all too perfect and predictable life went spiraling out of control when her supposed childhood friend committed the ultimate betrayal. Following college, Becca attempts to bury the pain by retreating into a dangerous lifestyle with her best friend, Jamie Rae. She decides it’s time to grow up after being irresponsible, broken, and out of control. To Becca’s horror, her only option is to return to her hometown of Grand Rapids. Worried she will forever live in the shadow of her prominent family’s notability, Becca decides moving is her only opportunity to get her feet back on the ground. With her best friend in tow, Becca reluctantly heads home to attempt to live her ideal life.

Little does Becca know the owner of the architecture firm she lands a job with has an intriguingly mysterious son. Tyler Conklin is infatuated with Becca, yet is apprehensive about a public relationship because of his hidden baggage. Not wanting anyone to know about his slight obsession with her, their potential relationship must be kept a secret. Will Becca put up with Tyler’s untold story for long? Will she tolerate being his secret?


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Amy’s Review:

4 STARS!!!!

This book was recommended to me by one of my friends. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I opened it up but have to say I loved it. This is a great book. Lots of things going on keeping you on your toes. I never knew what would happen next. It was different which was refreshing. I loved Tyler to pieces. He just needs to grow some balls and stand up for himself. As for Becca, I loved her but all the insecurities got to be a bit much after awhile. Low self-esteem or just over thinking things way to much. They are an extremely cute couple and I loved the dinner with the ex. That was entertaining but nothing like the Christmas party. That had me rooting for Becca and thinking you go girl. All in all a great book. I look forward to reading the next one.

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Mother of two, wonder wife, after school art/pottery instructor, self proclaimed runner, and Indie Romance Novel junkie!

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