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Olivia Wilder fell in love with Jackson Lockewood the first time she laid her eyes on him. She gave him her heart and her love, and ended up alone, heartbroken and with scars that were almost too much for her to bear.

Seven years later, they cross paths again. Jackson is everything she remembers, only more irresistible. Underneath his disdain, his desire to possess her lights a response within her, but she has no desire to rekindle their past, or face the pain of all those years ago.

However, Jackson has no intention of making it easy for her, this time he’s determined to make her pay for the past, and for the future they should have had, even if it means destroying her in the process.




“Protest all you want,” he says, “It won’t change the fact that this thing we have between us, it’s undeniable.”

Love, love, love, freaking LOVE this book.

Undeniable deserves more than 5 stars. I have been in a book funk for over a month. This book has just pulled me out of it. This book kept me up till 1:30 AM because I couldn’t put it down. Undeniable is amazing. Undeniable is one of the best books I have read this year.

Olivia is a sweet girl who falls in love with Jackson at first sight when she is fourteen. Shortly after meeting Jackson and his family her parents are killed and she moves in with them. She spends every waking moment thinking about Jackson… I love Olivia. The way the author portrayed her when she was younger and older matched her ages. I didn’t feel like the older Olivia was acting like a child but as an adult who was truly hurt by the love of her life.

Jackson is one of those wealthy kids who has everything and wants for nothing. He’s hot, sexy, and a sweet heart. He’s always nice to Olivia while she’s living there… Jackson is my favorite. I loved him from the start. There was a part where I was disappointed in him and the rest of his family. That for someone who is so smart, could be so dumb at a time like that.

These two characters had me engrossed from page one. I couldn’t get enough. I felt the intensity, the hurt, the pain, and the love. This was true love. I can’t say enough how much I loved this book.

“Love is so short,” he quotes solemnly, “forgetting takes forever.”  ~ Nick

I wish there was more to the ending. Maybe an Epilogue so I could find out what happened next but it does have a HEA. No cliffhanger here people. I recommend this book to everyone.


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