Review: Wrong Chance (A Detective Eubanks Novel) by E.L. Myrieckes





The first mystery of the Detective Eubanks series: a gripping look inside the mind of a serial killer who’s obsessed with starting a family.

The victims should have known the psychopath would take it personally…

A strange quirk of fate staggers the hell out of Chancellor Fox with a sucker punch—a knockout blow at that. Who would have ever guessed a car accident would derail so many lives? When an unforgiveable web of lies and deceit surfaces, his wrath is unleashed.

It started with a group of Cleveland State University students. Their sophomoric prank stalls ten years later with a string of dead bodies. For homicide detectives Hakeem Eubanks and Aspen Skye, the hunt is on to bait and snare a clever serial killer. One problem, though: getting caught is part of the psychopath’s ingenious plan.

With the rapid pulse of a Jeffery Deaver novel spiced up with supernatural activity, Wrong Chance will keep your heart racing until the shocking finale.



4 STARS!!!!

WOW! When I first received this book in the mail I wasn’t exactly sure what to think. The first time I opened this book, I was hooked. The way everything played out kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what would happen next.  I felt that I really connected with the characters.

I laughed at Detective Aspen.

“Trust me, Madison, I do have super powers. I can get soaking wet any time I want to without water. I can bleed without being cut. I can make boneless meet hard as a rock, and I can make you eat without cooking whenever the fuck I feel like it.”


I didn’t like Chance and didn’t feel much for Cash/Scenario. I do give Chance a thumbs up for what he did to Leon and how he played Cash at the end. That was a smart man even if at times he drove me nuts.

Wrong Chance could be confusing sometimes with the way it switched so much between the characters point of views. At times I had to go back just to figure out who was thinking/talking. Though this didn’t take away from the book it did slow down reading.

I really felt for Detective Hakeem. You don’t learn much about his problems till the end. I have to admit I did cry. It was heartbreaking  to find out about Jaden.

Wrong Chance is a great book. I enjoyed every minute. I wish there was more to learn what happened next. Hopefully there will be a book 2 to continue on with these characters. This book will keep you engrossed, on the edge of your seat, heart racing, laughing, crying and stunned.


About the Author

E.L. Myrieckes, under the pseudonym Oasis, is the author of Duplicity, White Heat, the Mahogany award-winning author of Push Comes to Shove and the ebook Eternal Flame. He is the CEO of Docuversion, a full-service editing firm, and an expert creative writing instructor who lives with his wife between Cleveland and Maryland where he breeds champion bloodline Presa Canarios. To learn more about the author, visit him at and


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