Review: Bad as in Good by J. Lovelace




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Teeming with dramatic plot twists and wickedly delightful erotic frills, a passionate story about two lovers struggling with heartbreak, heartthrobs, and self-fulfillment.

Many of us fall into unrelenting cycles that lead us to inevitable heartbreak—a knee-weakening, nearly unbearable period of withdrawal where we curse our indiscretions and promise to do better next time. But why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

That’s the question Erin is constantly asking herself.

Along for the ride is Tariq, a young man battling his past as well. While their romantic lives intertwine, they find it almost impossible to break free of the merciless beast that is love and its ugly stepsister, heartbreak.

At first, Erin’s attraction to Tariq is like a drug addiction she can’t ignore, but as drama ensues and the ugly past comes back to visit, both Tariq and Erin realize how bad—as in good—love truly is.


4 STARS!!!!

Bad as in Good starts with a bang and keeps you engrossed from page one. This book has drama like no other. Drama that will keep you wanting to know what will happen next. Throw in some good sex and you’ve got a winner.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Erin. Some spots I liked her and some I didn’t. Going back to Tariq time and time again drove me nuts. But when her feelings for him were explained, I got it. Erin is a strong independent woman just wanting a man to treat her right. She found a man to steal her heart only he had some issues of his own that prevented their relationship. She tried moving on which seemed to be difficult at times.

Tariq is a man scorned by a woman in his past. Not once but twice and the second one was still going on. He couldn’t seem to catch a break with love. I felt for him, for all he went through. I got how he could be a little reluctant to trust women. But though mean and disrespectful to Erin at first, she really got to him. I actually like Tariq a lot. I was rooting for him to straighten up the whole book.

Then comes Louis. I never cared for Louis. He irked me from the get go. Then the thing with Teona. Omg that girl drove me nuts and the fact that Louis had anything to do with her made me think even less of him. Louis just seemed off.

In the end I loved how things played out. I was happy to see Erin stand up for herself and her life.

About the Author

J. Lovelace is a freelance journalist, editor, and self-published author. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s in creative writing and public and organizational communications. Currently, she lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, daughter and son while pursuing a master’s degree in public administration.


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