Review: His Safe Keeping by Tina Bass



Start the Safe Series with book 1 – His Safe Keeping

Krista Avery moved to the sleepy town of Mt. Eve, Virginia, away from big city life, enticed there by a research doctor that is fascinated with her blood. Trying to build a life for herself after a horrific event in her past sent her into a spiral, she is a woman battling a rare blood disorder and the memories she has never dealt with. Returning home from the hospital after the Doctors experimental treatment, a dizzy spell forces her to pull over to the side of the road.

Lawson “Kade” McKaden is a State Trooper, ready to retire, returning home after a transport to a Federal Prison that wasn’t supposed to be his. After a stint in the Air Force and a satisfying career, he is ready to leave the uniforms behind for the life of a rancher. But a broken down car on the side of the road calls to his sense of responsibility and the sick woman inside calls to his heart. They have more in common than they know.

An escaped rapist turned serial killer is hunting her. She was his first and he has plans to be her last. Together can they beat back the demons from her childhood? Will Krista have to face the demon from her past alone, or is she Kade’s for… His Safe Keeping?


Jess’s Review:

4 STARS!!!!

This is my first book by Tina Bass & I look forward to reading more by her!

Life can change in an instant and Krista knows that better than most people. She has moved across the country and is starting over, determined to live her life her own way. Kade is wrapping up his law enforcement career, comfortable being alone and looking forward to a quiet life on his ranch. A chance encounter, a moment on weakness on the side of the road will forever change the way Kade and Krista view Destiny.

I really liked Kade and Krista, even though they were borderline sickeningly sweet sometimes. I liked how Kade was a bit rough around the edges, a foul mouthed cop wanting to protect his woman. I laughed at the way Krista would do her own thing, refusing to stay in the bubble he tried to put her in.

About the Author

Tina Bass is a light erotic romance writer, who loves a happily ever after. She lives in a small town in Virginia with her three children. She is a normal everyday mom of one grown and two almost grown teenagers who has recently discovered the joys of writing.
When not busy writing, Tina enjoys reading and shopping for vintage items. She came into writing later in life, after her characters decided to take over and she could hear the stories in her head.



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