Review: Dale’s Descent by Rick H. Veal



Dale’s Descent begins in a small mining town in western Pennsylvania where his mortal life begins and ends. He relates his story in a soulful manner, full of hurt and disappointment as he watches all of his dreams and aspirations suddenly fade away. Dale recounts his story of a young teenager, illegally attacked, turned and kidnapped by a rouge vampire on his sixteenth birthday.

Dale’s journey into darkness begins as he is forced into the life of a creature of the night … compelled to hunt and kill innocent people in order to survive. His tale is one of abuse in the supernatural world. His journey spans decades of personal struggle in his search to find answers to why he was attacked and taken. Finally, left all alone he wanders in a seemingly empty world, a lost boy – unknown and uncared for – searching for a way of escape.

Dale’s Descent is brought to an end with his discovery by the Charleston Coven. He is stunned by the revelation of an immortal life that was his all along when he is brought to Whitehall. He begins to grow and mature with his new found family. He finds happiness and his life changes with the discovery of a teacher, a lover, and ultimately an eternal mate in this story of a boy that was lost and found again.

Dale’s Descent is set in historic Charleston, South Carolina with some portions taking place in New York City.

Amy’s Review:

5 Stars!!!!!

Dale, Dale, Dale.. This poor boy. I was heartbroken when I read about him in The Master of Whitehall. He has easily become one of my favorite characters. Being changed against his will at 16 and kidnapped before being left alone to roam around lost and confused. The things that man had him doing. Sleeping in graves… really? I love Dale to pieces and loved reading his story. I was drawn in from the beginning eager to learn about the lost boy who finds his way. He is so mature regardless of his age because of the experiences he went through. I loved that Charlotte Ann took him under her wing but not only as his teacher but lover too. Dale deserves the HEA. There is so much emotion and love. A book I couldn’t put down.

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