Review: Ever After (Stranded Trilogy, Book 3) by Noelle Stevens



This is the third book in the Stranded series. This book description contains spoilers for the previous books.

After a romantic weekend at Drake’s cabin, Ashley and Drake have moved their relationship to the next level. But when they arrive back in Reno and real life sets in, unforeseen challenges strain their fragile relationship.

Will these challenges strengthen their love, or tear them apart for good?

Amy’s Review:

5 STARS!!!!!

I had the pleasure to be a beta reader for this amazing book. I fell in love with Ashley and Drake from book 1. They are truly a great couple and watching them grow in each book has been entertaining and heart breaking at times. Drake never being in a committed relationship is unsure how to do things. When temptation comes into play in the form of his newly hired assistant Drake has to work hard at keeping himself in check. Ashley on the other hand has to learn to trust the man she loves. A man who is use to sleeping with whomever and whenever he pleases. This proves to be hard for her. My heart broke during a part in this book. A part where I thought it was going to be it for them. But then Noelle came up with a fun and entertaining way for them to find each other again. The ending made me say “aww” and I can only hope that this will change from a trilogy to a series because I need more of the couple I fell in love with.

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