Spotlight: The Demon Wars Series by Lauren Peyton

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Demonically Yours (The Demon Wars 1)


He was built for sin…
I fell for a dark stranger, a painfully beautiful one. With his impressive physique and exotic accent, I couldn’t keep him out of my dreams. But when those dreams turned to nightmares I started looking for answers. I’d asked the questions before, but I’d always been kept in the dark. Who Am I? Why Am I Different?

I demand the truth, I have to know what my part in this war is before it’s too late… And why the vision of this dark stranger captivates me…


It was a dream. It was all just a dream. A very screwed up, emotionally damaging, horrible dream. Ava’s breath caught in her throat. Her dark hair hung in waves below her shoulders. Somehow she had flung herself up into a sitting position. Her breathing was labored as if she had really just been running for her life. She could feel the hysteria bubbling from her gut. The dream had been vivid. She looked down at her knee, remembering that she had fallen in the damn nightmare, and saw that it was bruised, but she dismissed the injury. She worked at a bar, and she always had unexplainable cuts and bruises.Slowly, she climbed out of the queen-size bed she loved. It was warm, and a pillow top, but no matter the comfort level it could not keep her nightmares at bay. They were getting to be more and more frequent. Ava opened the nightstand beside her bed, took out the leather bound journal and matching pen then started towards the kitchen. She needed tea.When she turned the light on, the soft hum in the background drew her attention. She hated dead silence. Silence reminded her of the nightmares. She filled the antique kettle her uncle valued. He had told her many stories over tea. He loved to talk about her mother, his youngest sister. She was the most vibrant of them all. She had big plans in life, but had died much too young. That is why Ava intended on living her mother’s dreams for her, but her uncle did not think it was the best idea and constantly tried to dissuade her from the idea. She began to write in her journal. Her pen flew over the paper as she wrote out every detail of her nightmare. She wanted to remember this one along with many others. It seemed as if they were happening frequently.

Demonically Bound (The Demon Wars 2)



When I was released from Hell it was conditional. My daughter, Ava, sold herself to earn my freedom from the shackles that contained me for so long. Before my wrists could even heal I was summoned by the elders of the lust demon faction and ordered to find a demon who was going to prove vital in the pending demon war. I was to do whatever was necessary to get the information she had. Did I have the strength to torture and kill the demon if necessary after my own imprisonment? The question raged in my mind until I saw the demon…


Avaraz was awakened by a playful blow to his stomach and laugh.

“Get up, we need to get you in shape.” Caine was too eager to get Avaraz back into training.

“What about sleep?”

“You like to sleep as much as Ava, we need to train. Your mark has been announced.”

“Call it an inherited trait for her.” Avaraz rolled over and away from the crimson-eyed demon annoying

him.“Let’s go. “ Caine put hands on two spots on the bed and used his upper body strength to flip the mattress and send Avaraz to the floor.

“I swear you act like a ten year old at his first sleep-over Caine. Will you ever grow up?”

“Come, now.”

Caine walked out of the room. Avaraz was half tempted to roll back over and pull blankets over his head, but Caine would return soon and if he wasn’t up there would be some sort of juvenile shenanigans. He regretted asking his daughter’s mate to help him train for the mission. He was awake much too early.

“Why aren’t you off celebrating your mating?” Avaraz hollered to Caine.

“Already did this morning…twice.”
“I did not need to hear that.”
Avaraz’s eyes popped open so his imagination wouldn’t conjure an image of his closest friend and daughter having sex. That would be quite disturbing. He shuddered at even having a possibility of seeing it more than what he saw already. Avaraz got up off the floor and pulled on a pair of shorts that rested low on his hips. He was skinnier than he was before his time on the wall, it would take time for him to rebuild to where he once was.

His hands reached for a plain white tank top, he exited his room to find Caine eating something in the kitchen. Avaraz swore that demon could eat them out of house and home. Caine always had something in his mouth.

“Thank you for the lovely wakeup call.” Avaraz’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

“My pleasure.” Caine spoke with his mouth full. “Where are we going for training?”
“Same place I took Ava. It’s out of the way and no one goes there.” Avaraz looked into Caine’s mind and found the location he had in mind and nodded. “I will follow you.”

Caine stood and shimmered out of the penthouse, Avaraz took a breath and followed behind. He arrived at the warehouse seconds later and Caine was already inside. He could hear the other demon fooling around with mats and barbells for training. Avaraz entered slowly, he still longed for the tender, warm embrace of his bed.

The final mat was finally dropped into place. Caine turned toward Avaraz.

“What do you want to start with? Physical or mental?” Caine asked.

“Mental.” Avaraz answered swiftly. “Offensive or defensive?”
“I’ll start with defense.”
“I won’t take it easy on you, my friend.” “I hope you won’t.” “I’ll beam an image of your daughter and I having sex into your mind. You better keep your shield up or it’ll be all you see, how she gets the thickness delivered every night.” Caine chuckled.

“Sadist. Before you ask, your ass looks fat when you’re nude.” Avaraz had already seen more than he would ever want to see.

“Get to work.”

Caine immediately set in with his attempts to penetrate the shields that Avaraz had in place. The first image came through and almost knocked Avaraz down, his daughter on her knees in front of Caine. No. Avaraz pushed Caine out with a powerful yell.

“Do better.” Caine demanded.

Again the shields were prodded in his mind. It was an internal battle. Neither male moved, but sweat blossomed on their skin, both exerting extreme force to win the battle of wills. Suddenly Caine tried to break one of the shields Avaraz was building quickly His strength and ability were returning to him surprisingly fast. Perhaps the elders had a hand in it he thought.

“Good, my friend.” Caine’s voice echoed.
“What else do you have?” He taunted.


Lauren is a Tacoma native who was able to grow up in the beautiful Puget Sound. She love to write. Lauren’s favorite genres include romance, thrillers, suspense, and dark fantasy. She is currently continuing to work on her follow up projects and new series that are promised to tease and hook you from start to finish.

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