Author Interview: Katherine Rhodes

Author Interview with Katherine Rhodes


~What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a novella called “The Darkest Corners” for The Club Series. It’ll be out on May 15th. I’m also working on the next Club Imperial, called Knots. I don’t have a date for that yet. I’m waiting on edits for Half-soul: The Realm 1

~Who is your favorite author?

Gosh, I can’t pick one! I have a degree in English Lit, so there are dozen upon dozens of authors and books that I love, and dozens of books I can think of that people need to read! I should put together a list of books that have really made an impact on me…

~What writing advice do you have for aspiring authors?

PATIENCE! Your first book isn’t going to get you to the New York Times– and yourself an editor!

~Which of your characters is your Book Boyfriend? Why?

Of the ones out right now? Nick D. in Not Quite Juliet. I love him. I love the way he quietly supports Morgan and makes her smile, and lets her be who she needs to be.

~Are you an organized author or scattered?

I’m organized! I have to be. I’ve been writing for over 20 years and I knew years ago if I didn’t get somewhat organized I’d lose everything in the mess.

~Do you plot out your story or write as it goes?

I’m a plotser! I usually start out winging by the seat of my pants, and then somewhere along the way, I’ll realize that if I don’t start writing these ideas down, I’m going to lose them. So it’s a hybrid plotter/pantser.

~Which one of your characters is your absolute favorite? Why?

Oh, Franz. I love him. He’s so complicated, and delightfully deviant. I cannot wait to write his story!

~Do you have writers block and how do you work around it?

I don’t really get writer’s block as I get bored with the story. I usually hit that at about 60,000 words. I wander around I reread, and ponder the characters, and then…

~Do you work on 1 story at a time or multiples?

…I start another book. It’s almost like clock work. I have to figure out my pattern so I can release books on a better schedule. But I usually always have 3 or 4 in the hopper. It’s craziness. Right now? I have like 5 on my plate!

~What is your favorite genre to read?

Oddly enough, I love fantasy and science fiction, as well as paranormal romance. Romance, I’m still picky about.

~ EXTRA : I LOVE how strong Emmy is & how sexy Nathaniel is. When he submits to Emmy, he doesn’t lose any of the parts that make him a strong, independent man.  It’s so outside of what you expect from a book like this. Where did the idea of switching the “traditional” roles & how people are perceived come from? Was it difficult to get into that frame of mind?

When I set out to write this, I hadn’t be able to find a book with domme in it at all. They were all about the guys in charge, and they were fun to read. But I was ready to read about a woman in charge. I looked and looked, and found thing that no one human should ever have to see–but no Dommes. Well, there were a few, but the guys gave up completely who they were. I didn’t want to read about a guy who just abandoned his personality because this woman said so.

I did my research, like a good little author. I decided it was time to write one. And I knew that I wanted my MMC to be strong, I needed him to a be man, even when he was listening to his Mistress. That he did this because he loved her. Not that he didn’t enjoy what she was dishing out, but that was just bonus. I wanted to make him MORE of a man for his submission. I just took those qualities that he had in the board room and moved them in the realm of the bedroom and into what I think is a good facsimile of solid, BDSM relationship that doesn’t demand emasculation in the bedroom for gratification. They wouldn’t ask him to give up being a strong man in the office, and Emmy never asked him to give it up either. Nathaniel likes what Emmy can do, and he trusts her. And I think that’s what really makes it work. The trust the two of them have.

It wasn’t really that hard to do, honestly. I come from a very matriachal family. My grandmothers both ruled the roost, even if my grandfathers were the men of the house and the brings of bacon. They were never emasculated by their wives being strong. Same thing at home. Mom was in charge. I’m also ridiculously independent and strong willed. I didn’t need a guy who would try to quash me, or try to just let me do everything. I needed a challenge and challenger. (Believe me, I found him.)

From Half-soul, The Realm 1 (my first erotic paranormal romance)

“Good morning, Mister Terhune,” Sarah smiled.

“Good morning, Sarah,” he said. “I thought we were on a first name basis.”

“Oh, not on this end, sir,” she replied. “I thought you would like to see some of the preliminary numbers from the meeting yesterday. And maybe a cup of coffee.”

“Thank you, Sarah, yes. I appreciate the coffee most of all.” Asher stepped back and allowed her walk in. He hesitated for just a moment, then decided to close the door. “I do appreciated the coffee.”

“I figured.” Sarah put the coffee mug on the desk. “Columbian bold, light, not sweet.”

“You remembered?”

She laughed. “Of course. You made it just two days ago, and for some reason I noticed how you did.”

“Very good.” Asher walked around the back of the desk to sit down.

“That’s a lovely view.” Sarah nodded out the window.

Asher turned. It had been a while since he really looked out the window and saw what was there. It startled him that the trees in the park were nearly at peak color for the fall. What had happened to the year?

You fucked it away. Caim’s voice was oddly muted this time.

“Ouch,” Sarah groaned.

Asher spun and looked at her. “What…”

“Oh, just a quick headache. It happens once in a while.”

Well, isn’t this interesting. Nearly faded completely away, Caim could barely be heard.

Sarah hand flew to head again. “I must be getting one of the bad ones. You’ll excuse me, Mister Terhune? I’ll leave the reports for you, and if you have any question, you can call me. I’ll need to go get an aspirin for this.”

“Wait,” he called. He wanted to feel this normal for a few minutes longer. He wanted to keep Caim out of his head for just a few moments more. “Thank you for the coffee. I have aspirin here if you want them.” Asher scurried over to the cabinet he kept spare medicines in. The bottle was staring at him, and he snatched it.

Sarah was standing near the door and he could tell she was reluctant to go as well. Asher walked over to her, and felt like he was back in kindergarten handing the pretty girl on the nap-mat next to him a cookie. He held the bottle out for her.

While she might be reluctant to go, she was also reluctant to stay.

Sarah gave him a sweet little smile. “Well, thank you, sir. But I don’t have my coffee with me to take it. I have to take it with a drink.”

“Ah.” Asher heard the disappointment in his own voice. He didn’t have a mini fridge in his office like Gad because he didn’t usually want people to stay for too long. And now, it came back to bite him in the ass. “Well, I tried.”
“It’s very much appreciated, Mister Terhune.” Sarah nodded, pulling the door open. “I’ll see you at the meeting this afternoon?”

“Yes, of course.” It was the only thing he could manage at that moment. He wanted to scream and yell for her to stay, but he what reason could he to convince her to stay without seeming like he was stalking her. Instead of doing anything foolish, Asher laid a hand on the knob and opened the door for her.

“You can call me anytime with any question about the report,” Sarah said, her smile lighting up the room again.

“Thank you again for the coffee,” he replied and watched as she walked out of his office and down the hall. With her went the amazing sense of complete that she had brought. The further down the hall she went, the more empty he felt. She, and the marvelous shape of her body, disappeared around the corner of the hall a few moments later and he still he stood looking at the empty corridor.

You shall not use her body or mind for your own or gain with the intent to discard her once your goal is achieved.

Damn Gad. Damn him. With the way she made him feel, having never even touched her, he never want to discard her. He wanted to put her on a pedestal and worship her forever. Of course he couldn’t worship her body on a pedestal, so maybe putting her on satin sheets would be a better choice.

Shit. He wanted that woman. How he had managed to keep from getting hard the whole time she was in there was a mystery. Asher realized he was still leaning against the door, staring down the hall, mooning over nothing that could be seen and still looked like he had woken in someone else’s bed that morning.

He closed the door and turned to look at the window. He didn’t want to wake up in strange women’s bed anymore. He didn’t want to shuffle personnel after every weekend tryst he needed or wanted or fulfilled. He wanted to stop playing the part of the demon child and figure out what he had to do to get Sarah Illfrig in his life—not just his bed.

That’s weak, son. Really weak.

“Fuck off, dad.

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