Author Interview: Olivia Hardin

Author Interview with Olivia Hardin


Olivia Hardin always realized how strange she was to have complete movie-like character dreams as a child. Eventually she began putting those vivid dreams to paper and was rarely without her spiral notebooks full of those mental ramblings. Her forgotten vision of becoming an author was realized when she connected with a group of amazingly talented and fabulous writers who gave her lots of direction and encouragement. With a little extra push from family and friends, she hunkered down to get lost in the words. She’s also an insatiable crafter who only completes about 1 out of 5 projects, a jogger who hates to run, and is sometimes accused of being artistic, though she’s generally too much of a perfectionist to appreciate her own work. A native Texas girl, Olivia lives in the beautiful Lone Star state with her husband, Danny, and their puppy Bonnie.


~What are you currently working on?

I’m just about finished with Justice for All the next book in my Rawley Family Contemporary Romance saga.  I just adore these characters.

~Which one of your characters is your absolute favorite? Why?

Langston from the Bend-Bite-Shift and For Love of Fae has always been my favorite.  His temperament and personality are about as soothing and reassuring as any I have ever written.  His entry into a scene means I’ll be able to work my way out of anything.  He’s like the BFF you call when you need to be talked off a ledge.

Do you work on 1 story at a time or multiples?

For the first time since I became published, I’m sort of working on multiples.  I’m bouncing back and forth between Justice for All and Driving Forces (The Sir and Madam Chronicles – 2) which is an erotic romance series I write as Lili Von.

~What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Chocolate of course… or wine… I have to choose just one?

~Have you ever been in trouble with the police?

No, but some friends and I did go out as teenagers and paint street signs.  There is a statute of limitations on that, right?

~Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not?

I like surprises but I really LOVE giving surprises.  Problem is, I have a terrible time keeping them a secret.  I cannot tell you how many times I have purchased or planned something extra special for hubby and found myself almost letting the cat out of the bag.

~What was your first job?

I worked at my aunt and uncles drive thru burger joint.  I was 15, but it was a great experience.  I was so shy and nervous anytime I had to take an order!

~Who is one person you would like to meet for coffee?

My sister Cori who left us when she was just 18.  I miss her a lot and I would just love to share stories with her over lattes.

~What is your preferred method to violently kill someone (in your book, of course)?

Well, I don’t know if it’s preferred, but the most gruesome death I ever wrote was in Transcendent, the second in my For Love of Fae Trilogy.  Lodar was a continuing villain from early on in my Bend-Bite-Shift Series and on through For Love of Fae.  His death was long and horrible, being staked through his entire body by a barrage of debris.  He was a vampire but in the faery realm it took him a very long time to finally die.

What is one of your phobias?

My hubby is a pilot and we own a little Cessna.  I do pretty well flying, but if we get into a situation where there are dense clouds are fog I panic, worried we will get stuck and not be able to see the ground to land.


 Justice for All (A Rawley Family Novel)


Sometimes the road you’re on is just a detour to your heart’s destination…

Kay Rawley has plans. She might be the second child of an earl, but she wants a life away from her father’s estate in New Durma. She wants a life apart from her family’s name. Becoming a lawyer was a bright, shiny object she just couldn’t resist grabbing. Her classes are complete, and all she has to do is pass the bar to get permanent employment at the Dallas law firm where she’s been interning for the past year.  Kay’s been on Audrick Van Buren’s radar since the day she walked into his classroom two years ago. That admiration only grew when she came to work for his firm. But if there’s anything he recognizes, it’s a woman who’s driven–and Kay is definitely one. It’s all he can do to keep his distance and allow her the chance to come into her own. What Van doesn’t know is that someone else is watching Kay, too, and if he doesn’t step between them, that person might not only derail her career but threaten her very life.

Things aren’t always what they seem, and Kay’s about to learn that the best laid plans are so much better when they go astray.

“Never trust a Frenchman.” Though the words were said in her voice, she heard them in her father’s.  She suppressed a little giggle as she studied the scene closer, squatting down so that the board was almost at eye level.

“Well, these days most people agree that if Austria can survive the first season, then they may survive the game.  So, I’m sure they’ve tried to make other alliances as well.  Durma’s close geographically to the UK, but our relationship with Austria has them concerned.”

“Then let’s just attack them!” Kay laughed, turning her head in his direction.  She inhaled quickly when she found herself almost nose-to-nose with Van.  She hadn’t realized he’d come forward so that both his elbows were resting on his knees.  Her eyes confronted his and in them all time seemed to stand still for a moment.

Van didn’t move and in fact held himself completely still.  She waited, anticipation tingling under the skin.  Seconds, perhaps even half a minute, passed and nothing.  Unable to wait any longer, Kay leaned in and put her mouth to his.  For a moment she thought he might pull away, but when her hand touched the inside of his leg, he opened his lips and ground them against hers.

The kiss was consuming and Kay’s legs gave way so that she slipped to her knees just between his thighs. His arms wrapped her up, lifting some of her weight and pulling her tight against him.  She could feel his erection pressing into her stomach just below her breasts.  It was so erotic a sensation that she moaned and nipped at his lip.

Gasps of air were exchanged between pecking kisses.  Then, open mouthed, their tongues stroked one another, tasting, teasing.  This was the sort of kiss one read about in romance novels.

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