Author Interview: A.J. Lape

Author Interview with A.J. Lape

10703971_764110350321092_3559440781497254491_n~What are you currently working on?

Book five in the Darcy Walker Series…no title yet

~Who is your favorite author?

Oh, wow, I have so many in different genres. Favorites are JR Ward, Karen Marie Moning, Liliana Hart, Lara Adrian, HP Mallory, Lara Adrian, Gemma Halliday, Sylvia Day, Janet Evanovich

~What writing advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Don’t stop chasing whatever it is that you want. Learn from other writers and find your own voice.

~Which of your characters is your Book Boyfriend? Why?

Dylan Taylor. He’s totally alpha but with a sensitive heart

~Are you an organized author or scattered? I’m very organized in my head…scattered in real life.

Do you plot out your story or write as it goes? I have a loose outline, but tend to be more of a panster

~Which one of your characters is your absolute favorite? Why?

Oh, wow. That’s hard to choose because it would be like picking who was your favorite child. I would say the most fun to write, though, are Darcy and Vinnie.

~Which one is your least favorite? Why?

Ivy Morrison is a “mean girl,” and I hate typing what it is that she says in my mind. I want to rip her hair out because she’s so mean.

~Do you have any strange writing habits?

I have a Coke by me at all times…probably not good for my waistline, but I do enjoy a cold can.

~Do you have writers block and how do you work around it?

Write everyday. Even if it is only a couple of hundred words, keep pounding away until the story presents itself. Sometimes you have writer’s block when you are trying to force a character or storyline down a road it isn’t meant to go down.

~Do you work on 1 story at a time or multiples?

One story, although character conversations don’t always present themselves in a chronological fashion.

~What is your favorite genre to read?

Refer back to question #2. I like a little bit of everything.

~If you could go back in time what is one thing you would tell your teenage self?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Stand up to the “mean girls” and tell the fastard that you chased that he so wasn’t worth the tears.

~What are your favorite hobbies?

Read, write, watch TV, and do anything in nature.

~Do you believe in love at first sight?

I don’t know, but my husband swears it happened to him.

~Name one of your pet peeves?

People that lie.

~Favorite drink? Alcoholic or not.


~Favorite sport/sports team?

The Cincinnati Bengals and The Cincinnati Reds

~Most hated chore?

Unloading the dishwasher

~If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Mind reading

~If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anything PF Chang’s

~What is one thing you will never do again?

Dive off a cliff…that hurt like heck.

~What is your favorite movie?

It’s a Wonderful Life

~What is your preferred method to violently kill someone (in your book, of course)?

OMG..this made me laugh…I try to make it different each book.

~Are you a Tom boy or a girly girl?

Tom boy.

~What is your favorite holiday?


~What is one of your phobias?

I tend to be claustrophobic and I absolutely hate clowns.

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