Author Interview: t. h. snyder

Author Interview with t. h. snyder

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~What are you currently working on?

Cursed Soul (Cursed, #4) and Wicked Lies

~Who is your favorite author?

Ohh that’s a tough one, it’s a tie for Rachel Van Dyken and Jenn Foor J

~Are you an organized author or scattered?

Being that I’m very OCD in my personal life this may come as a surprise to some, but I’m a scattered author. When in writing mode my brain is a giant spider web.

~Do you plot out your story or write as it goes?

I always write my ending first and let the rest come as my fingers type…hoping for the best.

~Do you work on 1 story at a time or multiples?

I have one book as my main focus, but overall I have about 4-6 that play into my mind. When that story triggers a scene, I just to that manuscript and type till the story fades.

~What is your favorite genre to read?


~If you could go back in time what is one thing you would tell your teenage self?

Embrace who I was and be confident in my achievements.

~Do you believe in love at first sight?

I’m a Virgo with brown eyes lol. I fall in love hard and fast, so yes I definitely do believe in love at first sight J

~Name one of your pet peeves?

LIARS….can’t stand them. Be honest and truthful, you not impressing anyone just hurting yourself.

~If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Peanut Butter….for feel I could live off that stuff.

~If you had a warning label what would it say?

No filter!! I speak my mind and in some cases should have a tube of super glue in my back pocket.

~What is your favorite TV show?

Chicago Fire, love those boys!!!

~Do you have any piercings/tattoos? If so where?

Ohh I love both!! I have 12 tattoos pretty much all over. The right side of my body is for my author-like tattoos and the left is for family-like tattoos. Each has a special memory of its own so I cherish them very much. As for piercings I have the typical ears and of course the girls are bedazzled J

~Do you like tattooed bad boys or sweet good guys?

Hmm a little bit of both lol.

~Favorite quote?

Live Laugh Love….life is too short to not enjoy every moment of it

~What is one of your phobias?

Drowning, I’m scared to death of it.

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