Author Interview: V.A. Dold

Author Interview with V.A. Dold



~Tell us a little about Cade.

This is the first in a fourteen book series of New Orleans Wolf Shifters and their mates. Each book is related in the series as characters show up in other books but they are also stand alone with no cliffhangers.

~What do you think sets your love story apart from all the others?

My heroines are regular everyday women without perfect bodies and many are in their 30’s and 40’s. You will see that in Cade, Anna is 45 and a size 16. When they do the ritual she regresses back to age 25. Many people have commented that they had never seen a regression before.

~As you were writing Cade’s and Anna’s love story, was there anything that surprised you in its development?

Yes, lol. It was only a single story that became a 14 book series. Didn’t see that coming.

~What would Anna say is Cade’s best feature and vice versa?

She loves his eyes and he adores her curves and her mind.

~What did you do in your writing process for Cade to get in the right head space to tell this stor?

Nothing really. For me the story comes as random scenes. Much like a movie playing in my head and then I piece it together.

~What would you say is the theme song for your book?

Huey Lewis The Power of Love.

~What do you think is the perfect date night?

A great dinner out and then a snuggle in.

~Which would you say your love story is, sweet or spicy?

Both for sure. Many reviews specify that the “Love” Scenes are smoking hot and they stress they are “Love” scenes not just sex.

~First meetings, what would you say is your favorite way for a couple to first meet in a book?

In one of the future books, Bryan sees Tory walking on the sidewalk below his condo window. He runs out to catch her leaving the coffee shop across the street so he can accidentally (on purpose) knock the coffee from her hand and offer to buy her a new one. That was his excuse to speak to her and one of my favorite first meets LOL

~For readers who enjoy your book, what would you recommend they read next?

Other than Simon & Stefan?  Thomas will be out shortly too.

~Tell us in one sentence why we should read your book.

They are Sexy, sweet, and any woman can visualize herself as the heroine.

~What do you have coming out next?

Thomas. He is the oldest Son of Anna in Book one and the head security guard for the King. It’s a funny, sweet, action packed story and the vampires are back!

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