Spotlight and Interview: A Breath of Heaven by Sable Hunter

A Breath of Heaven

Cade and Abby have a history. Years ago they were in love. Undeclared and unrequited, Cade waited until Abby was old enough for him to declare his love. Abby wanted nothing more than she wanted Cade. But something happened. Abby pushed Cade away and he never knew why. Since then, sparks fly when they’re together. Antagonizing one another has become their favorite sport. The only problem is… it’s all a front. They bicker because they both want the same thing – each other. A wedding brings them together and Cade is determined to learn Abby’s secret. He’ll do whatever it takes to win her love. Meet the King Family of El Camino Real – five brothers, one sister and a legacy as big as Texas.


“Oh, really?” He stood up. “I’m not really afraid of you, Abby. Tell me, what do you do when you’re aroused?” He laid down his napkin.
“Do you touch yourself?” He took a step or two toward her end of the table.
Abby stood up, panic washing through her bloodstream. “Don’t you come anywhere near me, Cade Tallbull.”
“Do you run your hands over that sweet little body?”
He was coming closer, stalking her. Abby retreated. “Excuse me, I need to do the dishes. Why don’t you watch television, or better yet…” She brightened. “Why don’t you go take a dip in the stock pond? I put some testicle eating fish in there especially for you.”
Cade shook his head. “Nah, I saw ice on the pond when I drove up. And believe me, you want me to keep the boys safe.” He rubbed his package. “You might find a use for them someday soon.” Cade took another step closer to her. “But we could shower together.” This was fun. “Stop fighting it, Abby. Stop fighting me. You know you still want me. Admit it.”
Abby wasn’t admitting a damn thing. She glanced over her shoulder, measuring how far it was to her bedroom door. She needed a path to a fast get-away. “The dishes can wait till tomorrow. I’m tired.”
Cade wasn’t giving up. “When you touch yourself, do you ever think of me? When you rub your little clit and pinch your nipples, do you ever call out my name? Cade, oh, Cade, I want you, Cade.” He mimicked her voice.
He was about three feet away and aroused, heavily aroused. Abby could see the outline of his cock through his jeans. She stared, mesmerized and confused. Was that for her? “Me? Call your name? Never!” Lie. Lie. All lies.
“So, you do masturbate, don’t you? At least I admit that much.” He reached out for her.
And when he did, Abby turned and ran like the devil himself was after her. She sprinted across the room, down the hall, into her bedroom and slammed the door. And locked it. Then, she leaned back against it, clasping her heart, trying to catch her breath. She wasn’t scared of Cade. She was scared of herself.
Abby Grace King wanted Cade Tallbull more than she wanted life.
But she couldn’t have him. Ever.
She was just about to step away from the door when she heard him…
“Abby?” Cade’s whispered voice came from the other side of the door. She jumped. “Abby?”
“Go away, Cade.” She begged, desperate to have him – desperate to keep him at arm’s length.
“I’m going to be in bed just on the other side of the wall, thinking about you. Listen for me, Abby. You just might hear me moaning your name when I cum.”
“Oh, God,” she whispered. “I’m gonna kill him.” She heard him chuckle as he turned and went to his door.
“Goodnight, Abby,” he called. “Dream about me.”

Author Interview

~Which of your characters is your Book Boyfriend?

I try to be an impartial weaver of words, and to love all of my creations equally. But late at night, when I step into my dreams to fantasize scenes for future books, it’s Aron McCoy the eldest of the Tebow Ranch clan that I dream about. He is featured in COWBOY HEAT and I’LL REMEMBER YOU as well as making appearances in many other books I have crafted. Why? Aron is my choice for a book boyfriend because he is exactly what I crave in a man. He’s alpha. Sure of himself, powerful with an ingrained sense of right and wrong. He’s protective, yet dominant. He would die for the love of his life in a heartbeat, and he wants nothing more than for her to be happy. His sense of humor is very dry and he’s playful – in bed and out. Family is a priority for him and his beloved is the most important member of that family. He’s smart, but not pushy with his intelligence. Aron is Texas rich, which means his assets are land and cattle. He’s not showy or snobbish. Yea, he sounds perfect – that’s why he’s a fantasy.

~If you could go back in time what is one thing you would tell your teenage self?

Have confidence. Follow your dreams. Yes, you are a writer. Don’t wait. WRITE NOW.

~Name one of your pet peeves?

One? That’s too restrictive. I dislike emoticons and the inane LOL. People who assume they know you well, but don’t, are annoying. Sprinkles on desserts are juvenile and too sweet. People who judge others based on any criteria other than their abilities and their character deserve to be judged with the same yardstick. I also detest people who are cruel to animals.

~Favorite drink? Alcoholic or not.

You’re about to get more of an answer than you want. I am trying to change my ‘drinking’ habits. I’ve never enjoyed water and I need to become a water drinker for many reasons. My usual drink of choice is Diet Coke or a margarita but I’m trying to do better with water and green (yuck) tea.

~If you could date a celebrity who would it be and why?

Hmmmmm, oh my goodness. If you base the choice of date strictly on looks – – well, I’m fickle. I get new crushes almost daily. My latest is Eric Dane of The Last Ship, ex-McSteamy of Grey’s Anatomy Fame. But what happens, is that I take their looks or their celebrity persona and I create this fantasy personality to fuse with a character in my books. So, what I end up with has no basis in reality. It’s hard to think of dating someone when you don’t know what they’d be like in real life – are they a nice guy, or they full of themselves? Ah, to hell with it. All things being equal – JOE MANGINELLO!!!

~Most hated chore?

I hate all chores. I’m not a housekeeper. I have someone come in and muddle through my jungle. I’ve never ironed, I grab things out of the dryer and shake them off. I don’t usually make my bed, I straighten the bottom sheet and crawl back in it. If I’m alone, I won’t cook. I’d rather eat ketchup and bread rather than dirty up the kitchen and have to clean it up. GOOD THING I’M A WRITER!

~If you had a superpower, what would it be?

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be to be invisible. I’d love to go where I wanted and not have to deal with prying eyes and boundaries. I’m a recluse in many ways.

~What is your favorite movie?

Of all time? Nowadays when I go to the movies it’s mainly just to keep someone else company, which means I usually end up in a superhero movies, and I don’t like those kinds of movies very much. Despite what I write, I don’t like RomCom either. I prefer scary movies, and the one that has stuck with me through the years is THE OTHERS, a ghost story with Nicole Kidman.

~What is your preferred method to violently kill someone (in your book, of course)?

Ah, well that would depend on who it was, I suppose. In most of my books, since they are cowboys, the gun is the weapon of choice. But if I were going to be really nasty and wanted to make some suffer:

Throw them in a pit of poisonous snakes. OR

Slow drop of poison in the mouth so they’d have time to worry about it.

~Favorite quote?

I always have to look these up, because I don’t really have favorite quotes. A lot of the posters I see have good inspirational quotes on them, but they don’t stick with me. What I can tell you is two observations that I try to live by.

One is by Henry Ford – it goes something like this. “Whether you believe you CAN or whether you believe you CAN’T – either way, you will be right.” That viewpoint teaches that we do what we believe we can do, no more no less. AND

Mark Twain espoused this viewpoint. “At the end of the day, you won’t regret the things you did, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do.” I use this to push myself into doing the things that scare me, but that I know would be good for me.

Those are not exact quotes, they are my paraphrasing of the memory of the quote.

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  1. I really enjoy your books Sable Hunter they are amoung my favorites and I have reread them i like learning about the author behind the books i read thank you

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