Spotlight and Interview: The Island and The Kite by Aurora Zahni

The Iland and the Kite

Two girls. Two stories. One day.
A murder spree and magic tea help two star crossed lovers see the light.

Mary Susan and Stefi Angel are two constant exes who can never get it right, always as eager to give up as they are to start up again. But one day in New York City helps change that forever.
The city is in a panic as the T and S Killers rising body count has everyone on edge. Free spirit Mary Susan just wants to see a movie and ends up trapped in Hell’s Kitchen being chased by vigilantes and murderers alike. She spends the night trying to escape the city that never sleeps and deciding if she should give Stefi another chance.
Star basketball player Stefi Angel can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to love…until she drinks magical tea and suddenly has all the questions and the answers. She just hopes she can get Mary Susan to believe they have the kind of love worth fighting for and that it’s not too late.


“So…” Stefi took a deep breath. “How am I doing, red?” “Not bad. Maybe you’ll get most of me after all.” “I want it all this time.” “We’ll see.” Mary Susan laid her head on Stefi’s shoulder. “Hey.” She poked Stefi’s arm. “I have a gift for you back at my place.” “I bet you do. Just let me get you cleaned up first.” “No, silly. A real gift in a box with a bow and everything.” “I think I have everything I need.” They devoured their breakfast and Mary Susan napped on the drive back to her place. “Where’s your roommate?” Stefi asked when they got there. “At work.” Mary Susan removed her outer layer of clothing and announced, “I need to shower.” Stefi smiled and took off her shoes and socks. “Okay.” “That wasn’t an invitation. I’m filthy and I really need to shower. Will you wait for me?” Stefi nodded and then watched Mary Susan and the curves she loved walk to the bathroom in her skivvies. Be a better girlfriend. Stefi brought down all the shades and curtains in the room and put on some music at a low volume. When Mary Susan got out of the bathroom she was already in bed waiting for her. “Stefi…it’s been a long day. I don’t know what you think is going to happen here.” “Be quiet and come here and trust me.” Mary Susan listened to her and then cautiously slid under the covers. Stefi put both her long arms around her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. “Now I want you to sleep. I’m here. I’m yours. And I’m not going anywhere.”


~What are you currently working on?

I am really focusing these days and only working on three things right now. Wait, does editing count? Five things. I am working on five things! The main two being my ongoing superhero series with J Rose Alexander and my through the looking glass fantasy novel.

~What writing advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Be honest. In everything you do and everything you show, be honest. Creating a fictional world begins with honesty.

~Are you an organized author or scattered?

I am scattered so I compartmentalize all my mess so I can neatly work on one thing at a time.

~Do you plot out your story or write as it goes?

I pretend to plot but it never works, so I just revise at end of every chapter to make sure it all makes sense.

~Do you have any strange writing habits?

Not really. I love writing on buses and trains or when I’ve had a drink or two, but I think that applies to most writers. Oh wait, I do make up songs when I have a decent idea in the bathroom so that I don’t forget it. So often I will run out after shower singing until I have a chance to write it all down.

~Do you have writers block and how do you work around it?

I’ve never had block because I write so slow and meticulous I wouldn’t even notice if I did.

~Do you work on 1 story at a time or multiples?

I “focus” on one story but I always have at least 3 going.

~What is your favorite genre to read?

Whatever I am currently writing. I like immersing myself.

~What is the most wacky/crazy weird thing you received from a fan?

A compliment.

~What are your favorite hobbies?

I also love playing music and am an avid board gamer. I

~If you had a warning label what would it say?

No warning, no label, just a skull and crossbones sticker.

~Favorite quote?

“nobody’s perfect”

The Island and The Kite Teaser

About the Author

Aurora Zahni is a former rebel who’s trying to bring a little bit of Judy Blume and Sylvia Plath to the Twilight Generation. Over the years she has given half-assed / full throttle contributions to numerous zines and blogs, written a web movie and done significantly well in countless competitive eating events. When she was in the 8th grade, she was on the local evening news. A dead body was being lifted out of the water at a marina by the Meadowlands and you could clearly see her standing in the background watching, looking a bit excited for the camera. Looking back it may have been the highlight of her entire childhood.…/B00I3J…/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1…



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