Review: Forever Lasting (Everlasting Book2) by Kassidy Carter



Two lives tied together by one loss. When Grace and James tragically lose an important person, they both didn’t expect to find each other.

Grace Hall had it all growing up. A father who loved her and treated her like a queen that is until one tragic day took it all away from her. Now confuse and not knowing what to do she decided to leave and find the one person who could make everything better.

James Walker is a Marine. It’s what he loves to do. Until one disastrous day everything has changed, everything in his life fades to dark. That is until Grace walks into the door and she brings the light back to him. They start off as friends and it turns into more.

Can love survive secrets? Can love survive the pain and the Darkness that consumes them?

Amy’s Review:

5 STARS!!!!!

This was my first book by Kassidy Carter. I don’t normally start in the middle of the series but I ran out of time to read the first book. This is a standalone so you don’t have to read book one to know what’s going on. I loved Forever Lasting. The beginning of the book broke my heart and it broke several more times throughout. This is one of those ugly snot cry books where you need a box of tissues next to you to make it through. Oh and don’t read it around anyone else. Lol. James is a sweetheart but what he went through really messed him up. He ends up being an ass for a bit which made me want to smack him but he redeemed himself nicely. The stuff Grace has to go through will kill you and then to have to deal with James being an ass makes it no better. I loved all the characters of Forever Lasting. It’s an emotional cry with a HEA. If you’ve never read a book by Kassidy Carter this is a good one to start with.




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