Review: Charlotte Ann’s Coven: The Beginning (The Master of Whitehall, Book 4) by Rick H. Veal

B4 Charlotte Ann's Coven


In the long awaited prequel to the award winning Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall, Charlotte Ann Erickson, an enchanting but deadly immortal, and the acknowledged matriarch of the Charleston coven, has decided after much soul searching that at long last she must tell her story. A decision reached primarily because the natural and supernatural worlds are coming in contact with each other more than ever before in the past. Her main consideration is that she feels it is long overdue for humans to hear some hard truths about the reality of the immortal world … especially after the veritable flood of books and movies in recent years.
Her story, having been a closely guarded secret in the past, begins before the first English settlers came to America. It’s a story that spans across four centuries, shrouded in the fog of myths and imaginations. She was the last of six children born into a prominent shipping family in seventeenth century London, England … and the forerunner of a well-known immortal coven in twenty-first century Charleston, South Carolina.
Charlotte Ann bares her soul, giving insights into the life of a vampire unlike any today. She was made in the days when life was cheap and immortals were hunters and killers. Look through her eyes as she relates her story, dispelling modern misconceptions of immortals. Step into her shoes and recognize humans as she does … easy prey, weak and pathetic … creatures of no real importance outside of sustenance. Listen as she tells of her evolution over the centuries into a modern predator … and when her story is told, watch, as once again, she quietly fades away, back into the mists of folklore and fantasy.

Amy’s Review:

4 STARS!!!!

I could not wait to get my hands on Charlotte Ann’s story. I had wondered about her and how she came about as I read the first three books in the series and now it all finally comes to light. It was amazing to learn about Charlotte’s history. Charlotte Ann’s Coven tells you about her past, giving you a closer look at how she became who she is now. You also get to learn how her Coven got started and how the members from the previous books became a part of it. I have loved Charlotte Ann since the first book. She is a strong character that has stuck out in all the books in this series. I’m glad I finally got to learn more about her.

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