Spotlight and Interview: Broken (Assumption Series) by Izzibella Beau



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Start the Assumption Series with book 1 – Broken

A girl’s senior year in high school should be a special time. Ayma’s expectations are not very high. She is the daughter of a control-freak mother and a father who has been absent for the past three years. She is ridiculed by the popular kids in school because of her unfortunate name and the way she dresses. Although she’s nearly eighteen, her mother controls every aspect of her life, including what she wears, who her friends are and even what foods she is allowed to eat. The only bright spot in her life is her friend Tabby. Until she meets Colton.

Colton is unexpected. He’s gorgeous, popular – the guy all the girls want and the one all of the other guys want to be like. When he begins to pay attention to Ayma, she doesn’t know what to think. Things like this just don’t happen to girls like her. One obstacle after another is thrown into their path, but they can’t deny what they feel for one another. Their new-found love will be threatened by secrets from their past, challenges in their present and a future they can only dream about. Ayma struggles to find an identity apart from her mother’s controlling nature while Colton faces the results of an arrest that took place the summer before his tenth grade year.

Can they find love and happiness? Or will they be destroyed by events beyond their control?


The song was almost over and he set down his guitar. Colton stood up to walked over to his computer where the songs were playing from. He was a sight to behold once again. He must have gotten a shower earlier because his hair was still damp. He had on a loose pair of shorts and no shirt. His chiseled chest was glistening from water and sweat. He just looked so smooth and well defined.
I started lightly clapping and walked in, shutting the door behind me. He turned to the sound, looking startled from the sudden noise. The song Figured You Out by Nickelback started playing from his computer.
“I, um, had Brady drop me off.” He was walking over to me, but in a slow motion, almost to the beat of the song. Colton didn’t say anything to me, just kept walking towards me.
I took a step backwards until I was up against the door. He took my hands in his and put them against the door, like he was trapping me in. His mouth came down on mine like there was no tomorrow for him. Colton was acting like he was starved for physical attention. He let go of my hands, but still kept me pinned against the door. His lips never left mine except to move down to my neck and nibble. He pressed his body tight against mine. His hands started to roam everywhere on my body. I couldn’t help but to run my hands over his naked chest and back.
We still hadn’t stopped kissing and we both seemed to be running out of breath. Colton moved his mouth to take a deep breath and so did I, except it came out more like a moan of pleasure. He was breathing hard and starting to sweat more. I’m guessing he had no boxers on as I could clearly feel his excitement pressed into me. His hands were now under the front of my shirt and moving beneath my bra. We’d done this before, but not this passionately. I had my hands on the back of his shorts and slowly slid my hands inside the waistband. I was right, there were no boxers. I’d never done anything like this before, the whole touching without any clothing barrier in between. My hands kept moving until they were cupping his bare bottom. I gripped him more firmly and pulled him tighter against me. Colton groaned inside my mouth and pulled me away from the door. He spun me, while we still kissed, and started to walk me backwards towards his bed.
A sudden knock on the door stopped us half-way there. “Mom said she doesn’t need any grandbabies now, so whatever you’re doing you better finish because dinner will be ready in ten,” Ezzie yelled through the door.
We were both still breathing deeply, just trying to catch that single deep breath that would fill our lungs to the fullest. Colton placed his forehead against mine and smiled, just a little.
“Hey,” he finally got out.
“Oh, so now I get greeted,” I tried to say sarcastically, but failed.
“You can go to dinner. I’ll be there in a couple minutes or hours.” He moved a little away from me. I could tell by the front of his shorts he was still way too excited to go in front of his family now, I think we both were.
I had to start being a little bolder. We’d been together for a little over two months. I know some people wouldn’t think that as being long, but we were together every chance we got. And being the eighteen year old, constantly sexually excited girl he has turned me into, I was relentlessly frustrated on what I wanted. I needed to move things along sexually with us, but still afraid of the unknown.
I pulled on his hand so I was shuffling backwards towards his bed. He was coming along, but still not understanding what I was doing. Please don’t make me have to spell this out for you that would be so embarrassing. I hadn’t touched or seen his private part, yet here I was playing the fearless girlfriend.
I made it to where the back of my legs were up against the side of his bed and looked up at him. I stared into his eyes and he had a look of confusion as to where this was heading. My hand was trembling as I slowly let it go below the waistband of the front of his shorts.
As soon as I did this, he got the idea of what I was attempting to do. He let out a low moan and his mouth ravenously attacked mine once more. My hand automatically begun what I’d intended to do.
Colton found his release rather quickly. I was really surprised of how easy that was and how much more excited it made me. I felt like I could’ve exploded along with him.


~What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a book called ‘The Reason Why’. It will be part of an anthology before being released on its own as part of my Breathless series. I am also working on Assumptions Book 6, which will center on Reagan and Ash’s story and Book 3 of the When Separate Worlds Series.

~What writing advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Write, write, and write some more. Never give up no matter how hard the times feel, write for yourself and not just to appease others.

~Are you an organized author or scattered?

I am very scattered. My working conditions are scattered, my thoughts are scattered, and the way that I tackle what needs to be done is very scattered. I just hope that the stories that I put out don’t reflect that.

~Do you plot out your story or write as it goes?

I just write as I go. I think I am like most authors who have the characters whispering to us in our ear of how they think the storyline should progress. There were a few times in the Assumption Series, that I was like ‘wow’ I didn’t see that happening.

~Do you have any strange writing habits?

I think I may be the only one who doesn’t sit down and write. I have to be constantly moving around. I think I have perfected the art of jogging in place and writing.

~Do you have writers block and how do you work around it?

I think at one point or another all authors have some form of writer’s block. I think just stepping away from whatever I am writing at the time, listening to some music that may correlate with what I am trying to write about, or just moving onto another story for writing until the other characters start to talk to me again helps a lot with my form of writer’s block.

~Do you work on 1 story at a time or multiples?

Always multiples. Usually no less than three books at a time.

~What is your favorite genre to read?

I love to read in the New Adult genre. Whether it be contemporary romance, paranormal, dystopian, or any of the others that are out there, this genre really sparks my interest.

~What is the most wacky/crazy weird thing you received from a fan?

Honestly, I can say I have never received anything from a fan besides compliments and reviews of my books. I guess those sorts of things are the best since that means they have actually read and liked what was written.

~What are your favorite hobbies?

I like walking, jogging, or anything else that keeps me physically busy. I love the NFL…go Steelers. I also am a huge animal advocate and love to help in any way possible with shelters and rescues. If you had a warning label what would it say? Hmmm, hard one to answer. ‘May explode without warning’!

~Favorite quote?

Every new beginning comes from another new beginnings end.

Broken Teaser

About the Author

Izzibella Beau is an author with Beau Coup LLC. She resides on a small farm with her husband and 31 children; 3 biological and 28 canine. Ms. Beau has a master degree in Criminal Justice and many graduate hours in the disciplines of social service and education. Ms. Beau is an advocate of animal rights and supports many rescue groups and causes.…


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