Review: Surrender My Heart (Searching for Love, Book 3) by Noelle Stevens



This is Book 3 of the Searching for Love romance serial.

After spending two idyllic weeks in Yellowstone, Brody is ready for Reese to meet his family. Worried that they won’t accept her, Reese is reticent, but for Brody’s sake she agrees to travel back to Malibu.When things don’t go as smoothly as Reese had hoped, her self-doubts rush in, putting her future with Brody in jeopardy.

Will she be able to overcome the obstacles in her path, or will she decide her future lies in another direction?

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Waves of LongingFinding Reese

Amy’s Review:

5 STARS!!!!!

Noelle Stevens has got me again. When I finished Surrender My Heart my own heart was speeding and I hated that it ended. After Finding Reese (Book 2) I expected this book to be a simple HEA. Boy was I surprised. There is so much crazy drama in this one. Noelle did an amazing job at making me feel the same emotions as Reese during all the craziness she was going through with Brody’s mother. God how I hate that woman and I pray someone puts his parents in their place in the next book. What your parents do or don’t do has nothing to do with you at all but Noelle showed how a lot of people think. She made me feel the internal struggle Reese went through during a lot of this book. I’m proud for Reese for taking a stand but I have to admit, I’m disappointed in the end result. Can I smack Grace Ford in the face? I have a lot of hatred for her and mild hatred for the father. Who I thought was better was shown that he really wasn’t much different than Grace. I enjoyed seeing Reese and Brody together again. I love this couple and can’t wait to get more of them.I just hope everything works out between them.




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