Review: Sound Advice By LB Dunbar

Sound Advice (Sensations Collection, #1)Sound Advice by L.B. Dunbar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first book by LB Dunbar and I can’t wait to read more! From the very beginning, I fell in love with her writing style, her ability to transport you into the head and heart of a young woman, on the verge of making some hard, life altering decisions & a man willing to sacrifice himself to do the right thing. Sound Advice reminds you of how a small town takes care of it’s own, knows everyone’s business and supports each other.

Emily is facing the difficulty of her ailing grandmother. You feel the heartache of having to determine care for the woman who raised her, sacrificed for her, loved her. Jess is doing the best he can to raise his daughter Katie, who hasn’t spoken since her mom left for Chicago years ago. When a quick friendship grows between Katie & Emily, he gets overprotective. He’s rightfully concerned that Emily is going to leave their small town and go home to the big city, leaving Katie hurt again. It’s difficult to fight yourself, when you heart and your body want different things.

This is a touching, engaging story that is so different from anything else I’ve read! It’s not quite an ugly cry, but it will rip your heart open while filling it at the same time. When faced with only hard choices and no one to help guide you, all you can do is take a chance. No one knows what the future holds or how long you have. Mistakes will happen, hearts will break.

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