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Review: Every One of Me by Jessica Wilde



Five years ago, Tessa Marshall turned her back on everything she once knew. She left behind her friends and family hoping they would be better off without her in the way. Now, after being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (Multiple personality disorder) and determined to set her life straight, she is going back. She doesn’t expect her best friend growing up, and the only man she has ever loved, to be waiting for her.

Charlie Mackenzie never knew the real reasons why Tessa left, but because of the promises he swore to keep, he feels responsible. He has spent the last 5 years fighting underground MMA, staying distracted, and trying not to chase after her and drag her back to him. Now that she is finally back, he won’t allow her to push him away without knowing how he has felt about her all along. The only problem? He’s not just dealing with Tessa anymore.

Tessa won’t let herself be a burden to anyone and being with Charlie will only complicate his life, and hers, but she can’t seem to shake him, and Benny, her friend from ‘The Facility’, isn’t helping matters. Learning to live with not only the people around her, but the people in her head, isn’t as simple as she thought it would be and Charlie is forcing her to abandon all of the control she thought she had.

The two of them must decide if their love is worth fighting for and Tess has to learn to just let go, because Charlie won’t let her go.

He won’t let any one of her go.

Amy’s Review:

5 Stars++++

This was my first Jessica Wilde book. I was absolutely amazed by this book. It deserves way more than 5 stars. I never would have thought someone could take a story about a person with multiple personalities and turn it into the sweetest, most heart wrenching love story I’ve ever read.

Poor Tess has had a hard life. Having what she thought was blackouts growing up to later learn she had other personalities within her. She spent five long years away from her family before finally returning. She didn’t just leave her family when she left but also Charlie. The love of her life that also loved her, though she didn’t know it. Charlie has won the Best Man award. Not many men would stick around and do what he did. This was true love through and through. The struggles he went through to keep her near, never giving up, because he loved her that much. One of the best love stories for 2014.

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