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**Review** Heller’s Decision (Heller #5) by J.D. Nixon


Tilly Chalmers’ new job as a researcher for a major TV star is turning out to be more eventful than she ever expected. Always on the lookout for a high rating story for her famous boss, she tangles with adult movie stars, and the man who inspired a couple of blood-thirsty young murderers. An unwelcome encounter with a long-time enemy stirs up trouble, and what important decision does Heller make that threatens to jeopardise their relationship?

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Amy’s Review:


Book 5 in the Heller’s series. I absolutely love this series. J.D. Nixon has a way of making you laugh until you cry. This is what started it for me:

“He staggered to his feet, holding out his hand to haul me up as well. But he didn’t make it upright. His feet slid out from under him as he tried to stand, both the bathroom floor and his soles covered in massage oil. He fell on his butt inelegantly, arms and legs everywhere. A fit of laughter, which soon had me choking for more air, consumed meat the sight.”

If you have read a Heller book then you would know the sight of Heller falling is enough to bring me to tears. But that was only the start. As you keep reading after that part above it gets funnier. I laughed so much with tears rolling down my face.

Tilly. How I love that woman. She is funny, sweet, smart, and quick at comebacks. Trouble follows her everywhere she goes. Seriously. Even though you expect trouble by now while reading you can’t help but to keep going to find out what crazy crap happens to her next. I love her character and these books would not be the same without her.

“Can’t you wiggle over to me?”

“I’m not some kind of maggot!”

Heller. What to say about this beast. Tall, sexy, gorgeous, powerful, successful, but not the brightest when it comes to American things. He has an accent that would melt anyone’s panties. But is not accustomed to a lot of American things which ends him with saying some wrong things at the wrong times, therefor pissing Tilly off. But he loves her. They only way he knows how. It is evident in this book.

 “My intentions? I intend to have sex with Matilda as often as possible.”

Never a dull moment with these two. Then there is Daniel and Niq. I absolutely love these two. Daniel is so sweet and caring but has a very bad past and certain things that have happened make him very guarded. Niq being the youngest is so sweet and I absolutely adore both of them.

Clive. Now Clive scares the hell out of me probably as much as Tilly. I really wish one of these books he would loosen up some. I don’t exactly get why he dislikes Tilly so much. Maybe I forgot since it has been awhile since I have read the other books. But even with him there are no dull moments.

“And I guess that was about as much praise as I could ever expect from him in a lifetime. He unexpectedly slapped me on the back, in what he probably thought was a friendly, congratulatory manner, but which sent me stumbling forward. I tripped over one of the men’s bloody-huge sized boots into a different man. He staggered backwards, falling across a desk and I toppled on to him in a very compromising position.”

Bick I love dearly. Him and Hugh are two of my favorites. I feel for Hugh who has feelings for Tilly. I kinda always hoped that Tilly would end up with him. I do like Heller but for a happy ending that I think Tilly deserves that Hugh would be the more logical choice. I get the hype of Heller but I really like Hugh.

Again, I absolutely love this series. I would highly recommend to everyone who is looking for a series with some good laughs. Now I just have to wait for the next one to come out. Hopefully soon.

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I am an indie Australian author with seven ebooks published through Smashwords: Heller, Blood Ties, Heller’s Revenge, Blood Sport, Heller’s Girlfriend, Heller’s Punishment and Blood Feud.

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